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Enough is Enough is Enough !!! TV Media is there to Divide us. Please, inform yourself through alternative sources, The follow websites are a good start: WWW.DRUDGEREPORT.COM WWW.PRISIONPLANET.COM WWW.RONPAUL.COM WWW.FREEDOMWATCHONFOX.COM(Judge Nepolitano) . The faster freedom loving Americans get themselves INFORMED. The faster we Get our government(s) back in alignment with the CONSTITUTION! . We can not longer be complacent about our governments. . INCUMBENTS, CAREER POLITICIANS, KINGS & QUEENS You will be replaced by Freedom Loving Americans that vote the constitution and bill of rights, serve their term and move on. . LETS STOP TYRANNICAL GLOBALIZATION IN ITS TRACKS AND SHOW THE REST OF THE WORLD HOW TO BE TRULY FREE.

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