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The FLINT HILLS TEA PARTY of Kansas is committed to organizing and educating Americans in Conservative Principles and Traditional Values, and to promoting Issues, Goals and Candidates appropriate and conforming to those stated Principles and Values. Our first organized event was the TEA Party Tax Day Protest on April 15, 2009. This was followed by an Independence Day Rally on July 4, 2009. After promoting our local Town Halls in August, our group hosted an appearance by Thomas Paine (aka Bob Basso) in early September 2009, and more than a dozen of us made the journey to Washington DC for the 9.12.2009 March on the Capitol sponsored by Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks. We have a weekly Constitution Fellowship group, and we were represented at the Nat'l Convention in Nashville in Feb 2010. Flint Hills TEA Party is gearing up for 2010 Mid-Term Election Year events, starting on the 1st Anniversary of the TEA Party Movement on Feb 27th with a TEA Party Rally in Riley, Kansas, to include guest speaker US Constitutional Law Professor and FoxNews contributor Kris Kobach, Republican candidate for Kansas Secretary of State (an elected position in Kansas). Future plans include our 2nd Tax Day Protest and 2nd Independence Day Rally, and our intent to AT LEAST DOUBLE our contingent in DC for the 2nd 9.12 Project March on the Capitol! We work actively to coordinate with our fellow patriots across the state of Kansas and elsewhere, and encourage all Americans to STOP SHOUTING AT THE TV!! GET EDUCATED, GET INVOLVED AND GET PRO-ACTIVE FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE!

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