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Focus on returning to Constitutional family values, joining hands with Culpeper County and surrounding county conservative citizen patriots and organizing buses and Rallies locally, at the Richmond VA State Capitol and Washington DC marches, rallies and Tea Party Conventions to promote Liberty and Freedom. #1 March 2009 planning with permits 2 weeks before April 15th TEA Party held 12 noon in Yowell Meadow Park, Culpeper. #2 America God & Country in May Memorial weekend 2009 Saturday TEA Party same venue with Living History dramatization: Patrick Henry, General Stonewall & Anna Jackson appearances, open microphones. Honored our Military & Veterans with emphasis on thanks for serving. Chalkboard drawing by homeschoolers singing Star Spangled Banner. #3 Patriotic July TEA Party 2009 same venue. Terrible lightning, thunder storm, rain blew onto our sound system. The storm blew over, Senator Ken Cuccinelli stepped over the footbridge as Beth Poplin?s lovely voice rang out across the land. Ken spoke about our nation?s history of a bailout resulting in the Boston TEA Party, how he has enemies on both sides of the isle and his fight for life with Choose Life tags proceeds to Crisis Pregnancy Centers in VA. #4 July 24-25 attended Leadership Institute with a group from CC TEA Party. #5 Sept 5, set up a TEA Party booth at Taste of the Mountains in Madison VA, giving literature, educating the public about the TEA Party; filled a 2nd bus for the 9-12 DC March with sign-ups in a day. #6 Joined in promoting, made & distributed fliers, with a booth 9-17 at An American Event in Bealeton with the Flying Circus, NRA, Civil War and WWII encampments. It rained out twice. #7 Organizing bus loads to 9-12DC was wonderful. We had enough people sign up for 3 buses. #8 Took groups to DC to meet with members of Congress to protest Health Care Bill proposals on October 2nd, signed petitions, joined hands with many TEA Party participants across the US in DC. #9 Brought a group to National Health Care Reform Forum: What does reform mean for the Unborn, Elderly and Disabled? Nancy & Yale's PWC Tea Party Patriots promoted event 10-10 in Bristow. #10 Held local November TEA Party planning sessions to give out HealthCare Questionnaire post cards made by a home school Mom, manned 2 polling places with a great NO response to obamacare! #11 Participated in protests in front of the White House against Spain's Socialist Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero meetings with President Obama at the White House on October 13, '09. Zapatero was met by our group of Americans in solidarity with Spain's citizens. #12 Brought a leadership team from surrounding counties to Richmond for Tertium Quids, Freedom Works training (more like pep talks with BBC interviews) on October 29th. #13 Co-hosted the Freedom Festival in Greene County with Bill Hay's JATP & many others for turkey, canned goods fund raiser for food banks for Thanksgiving on October 31, cold, windy, rainy day. #14 Organized, filled buses, van loads, car pools to Nov 5th House Call to DC Rally to oppose Health Care socialism. Met with members of Congress, including VTPP park meeting with Rob Whitman. #15 Brought local groups to the Million Med March in McLean VA joining doctors and patients from 12 Noon - 2 PM on Nov. 21. Headed in to DC to join a US Capitol TEA Party Protest Rally at 3 PM. Spent 4 hours inside the Senate Chamber Gallery during obamacare cloture vote debates; sat in the balcony painfully observing the 1st 60 cloture vote on Health Care in the US Senate. Booed loudly! #16 We organized a local Name the Biggest Turkey in Congress, thanks to Vince's idea, donated enough for 40 Turkeys, canned goods for needy families at Thanksgiving to the Culpeper Food Closet. Nancy Pelosi is the Biggest Turkey! #17 Participated with local leaders in Northern Virginia TEA Party Fundraiser Dec. 10th with Ken Cuccinelli, keynote speaker; Pat McSweeney & Jamie Radke gave a small grass roots session. #18 December 15th organized surrounding counties for another snowy cold Code Red Rally at the Capital. #19 Dec. 23 helped plan and organize a candlelight vigil in 22" snow outside Sen. Webb's Fall's Church office. Invited a great group to tag team with other groups going inside Webb's office, speaking to staff, taking turns calling to say vote NO on obamacare, telling staff & Sen. Webb to respectfully prepare resumes for new jobs, that we'll vote them out. Protesting in public with signs, songs I made up: "Senator Webb, Please vote NO or we'll vote you out!" to the tune of Jingle Bells, singing Christmas Carols (I played guitar), patriotic songs, speeches, hot chocolate & trays of home-baked cookies! #20 Jan. 9, 2010 Participated with local CCTP leaders in a Town Hall for Educators with liberal Dem. Sen. Edd Houck. Presented SB417 & HB10 to Sen. Houck who stated he would vote NO on them. #21 Jan. 18, 2010 Organized bus loads of Virginians to the VA 10th Amendment Rally. To Be Cont'd...

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