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This group of Patriots was formed to represent Hutto, as well as support the surrounding communities active Tea Parties in our area. Goals: To celebrate, support, and endorse Constitutional principles and the essence of American exceptionalism. To uphold the 10th Amendment and States' Rights. To hold elected officials accountable for their actions, their voting behavior, and their adherence to representational government. To reject, revoke, and repeal unconstitutional laws, taxation without representation, and elitist political behavior. To promote the free enterprise system, created with capitalism, the entrepreneurial spirit, and strong incentives for creation, innovation, and the "pursuit of happiness." To promote and elect solid Conservatives to local, county, state, and federal offices. ISSUES: The United States Economy Taxation without Representation Constitutional Principles American History Debt and Spending Balanced Budgeting Governmental Ethics and Transparency Job Creation Free Market Capitalism States' Rights Founding Fathers Unpopular Legislation The Family If you are interested in joining Americans who love, celebrate, and cherish this great country, we look forward to hearing from you. Please email Jason at for more information. Events and groups meetings are coming soon. God Bless...

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