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We are Americans working together to perpetuate our core principles and values in society and politics for the purpose of reclaiming liberty and sovereignty for all Americans. Fiscal Responsibility ? Just as individuals must, government must live within its means and never see the citizenry as an infinite source of income. Budgets must be balanced and taxes must be lowered and/or eliminated where possible. Deficit spending is not acceptable. States should be self-reliant and not require federal funds to meet their obligations. Excessive taxes are not tolerated and serve only to enslave the citizenry. Limited Government ? The larger a government becomes, the smaller the liberty retained by the citizenry becomes. The sole purpose of government is to protect the rights of the citizenry, which it serves. When government expands to a point of infringing on the natural rights of the citizenry, it becomes tyrannical. Government should never be allowed to become larger than is absolutely necessary to protect the rights of the individuals. Resistance to excessive government is imperative in order to perpetuate liberty. Politicians and elected officials are or desire to be servants of the people and do not hold any special consideration or high esteem. Politicians, elected officials, civil servants, and judges serve or want to serve the citizenry and are not rulers or monarchs. They will be treated as such and not held in any higher regard than fellow citizens. Adherence to the U.S. Constitution ? The U.S. Constitution was divinely inspired and when followed, the rights of the individual, state sovereignty, and fiscal responsibility are preserved. The U.S. Constitution is written in plain language and requires no translation. This plain and clear language should be followed on all accounts and at all times. Certain elected officials, civil servants, and judges take an oath to uphold this Constitution, and when they do not uphold it, they should be exposed in the public light for their scurrilous ways. Any deviation from the Constitution will not be tolerated.

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