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GOD AND COUNTRY--PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION DEFINITION OF WHO WE ARE We are a non partisan,educational, constitutionally based coalition. affiliated with many organizations: 912, Unite In Action,Oath Keepers, TEA Party Patriots,Dustin Inman Society, Docs4patientCare, Freedom Works and others.We do not endorse political candidates,however we will present candidates to help you make that important decision on who to vote for. In order to speak to the Patriots a candidate must not have any ethics charges or pending ethics complaints,must sign a pledge to support legislation that is constitutionally based and fight against that which is not. Candidates must support our principles and values. We must replace many of the politicians that are now in office with statesmen and women in the upcoming election and not waste our time on those who will not support the Constitution or We The People. We do not support career politicians or traditional political parties.WE MUST WORK TOGETHER AS AMERICANS, NOT FOR A POLITICAL PARTY. 30115

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