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This group Came about April 15th 2009 with the first Rally, We first called the group McCall Tea Party, but as our numbers grew so did the diversity of members form other areas. The group officially changed the name to Central Idaho Tea Party. We have members from Riggins, to Smiths ferry, and one from Georgia. We are a diverse group as far as political affiliations. We as the C.I.T.P. do not endorse any one candidate, but leave that to the individual members. Our Mission Statement is "RESTORE AMERICA'S FOUNDING PRINICIPLES OF FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED GOVERNMENT, AND FREE MARKETS. TO HOLD ACCOUNTABLE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WHO REPRESENT US TO THE HIGH STANDARDS AND ETHICAL BEHAVIOR DEFINED IN OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS. Our monthley meetings are set with the By-laws to the first Wednesday of the month, All officers, and board members are elected to a term of one year. Nominations are held in November, Elections in December, and swearing in and installing the elected officers, and Board members in January.

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