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We want the Constitution back , and the we appreciate our founding fathers and the Military ,,we will do everything to Opens the eyes of the ignorant voters they can see, we are for legel immigration and no Cash program for illegal immigrant program go Illegal immigrants, we do not believe America should have czars and Homeland Security, we wanat God and prayer and the pledge of allegiance i n every school, Our goal s to inspre te lvoe of a America the beautiful who needs We the people united , We do not vote for Liberalism communist or Nazis whivh has inflritrated t the rgreat contunt on earth let us march forward and restore this Republc won in blood , small cnetrhal goverment and all rihgt restroed to Amercans< NO sharia law and no SSI cuts across the board . fair tax for all and limited regualtiions on Comapany hirign , Americans first, Secure borders usong the vets wounded or not all vets comeing back ,, vote tea party 100% Consevatvie, and no more Socialist we are the grass roots we vote honer and integrity , we do not want sodomites adopting children we shall prevail with Gods help.. join and lets get the communistic California gone forever we will again be looked up took. out of Sacramento, California we love God and country and we will not let it be destroyed

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