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Grassroots Tea Party Activists - (85306)

Contact info: Francine Romesburg GLENDALE TEA PARTY PATRIOTS MISSION STATEMENT We are the Grassroots Tea Party Activists here in Glendale, Arizona. We are an Independent Tea Party Organization with no affiliation to any political party nor are we a 501c, 503 or 504. We run totally and completely on donations provided by those in attendance at the meetings. We provide Educational and Informational Training provided by Speakers on various topics, on the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, documents pertaining to the founding of our Country, large scale Events, a venue for Candidates to speak, a venue for people who wish to get educated, get informed, and get involved to come and hear, learn, and ask questions. If you are someone who believes in the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence and believe these documents are the Law of the Land and not living documents to be changed at will, you have a love of Country, and want to keep our Country FREE and our Liberties Free, then please join us every Wednesday evening to meet with Like minded people, sharing, discussing, and asking the questions to help everyone and pass that information on to others. GOVERNING PRINCIPLES 1- We believe in Limited Government as defined in the Constitution. 2- We believe in Fiscal Responsibility by governments at all levels; Cut Taxes, Cut Spending, Balance the Budget 3- We believe in Free Enterprise and Capitalism allowing every person the right to succeed or fail. 4- We believe in National and State Sovereignty as defined in the Constitution. 5- We believe in Securing the Borders for the safety and stability of the Nation.

Meeting Location

Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room 5161 W. Thunderbird Rd Glendale, Arizona 85306

Meeting Schedule

Wednesday's 6:30pm - 8:30pm


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