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The Anderson Tea Party is a group of liberty-minded citizens of Anderson County, SC who are collectively working to defend their Constitutional freedoms from tyranny of the U.S. Government. * We are peaceful, polite, independent thinkers. Many of us used to be a part of the ?silent majority,? but are silent no more. * We are outraged that Congress is spending like there is no tomorrow, while we face job loss and financial hardship. * We see America in a death spiral into Communism (or worse), and have determined that it must happen over our dead bodies. * We are the ones who were derided by the media and by the DHS as ?tea-bagging racist rednecks,? ?bitter gun-clingers,? and ?potential terrorists??but were just ordinary Americans. If you are a hard-working, tax-paying citizen that just wants government off your back then you need to join us for a grassroots revolution!

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