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We are a cutting edge tea party that champions various issues and ideas. We are the "education tea party"- we have sponsored events and spearheaded efforts focusing on reintroducing our constitutional principles back into K-12 private/public and home school environments as well as participating in a regional text book review. We were the first tea party in Virginia to introduce the idea of food freedom issues (ie: the right to purchase the food you want w/o big brother interfering, such as with raw milk) and the importance of working with other one issue groups to forward freedom. We are very concerned about fair and free elections and are actively supporting other groups that are focused on voter fraud. We are a part of the Virginia Tea Party Federation, so we enjoy being a part of 50 tea parties across Virginia and we are a strong voice in Virginia State level politics. Our close proximity to D.C. has allowed us to attract many well known conservative movers and shakers to speak at our meetings. Our tea party is about doing something to save our freedom and way of life, not just talking about it!. Our contact list is growing and we average 30-50 people every month. We are a friendly and happy group of patriot warriors, please join us! We meet the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month in various venues in Old Town Alexandria. Please check out our website and email us at to join our newsletter mailing list. Location Details *City* Alexandria *State* Va *Zip Code* 22314 *Website*

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