Group logo of Ashland We Said No Tea Party
Ashland We Said No Tea Party

This Group is headed by fellow Americans and is dedicated to preserving the Constitutional rights of the people. We as the people of The United States will stand up and uphold each and every God given right, as was done by our forefathers. We are Ded

Group logo of Ashtabula County Tea Party
Ashtabula County Tea Party

Tea Party group supporting the tea party agenda of limited government, fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Personal property rights and a strong defense. The main purpose of this group is getting like-minded p

Group logo of Asian Tea Party Patriots Of Oc
Asian Tea Party Patriots Of Oc

We are the Asian Tea Party Patriots of OC. The Asian American population is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the USA. It is important for us to be vigilant and well informed of the political landscape that affects our ability to pursue o

Group logo of Assuring Reliability In The Voting System
Assuring Reliability In The Voting System

The actual infractions on the \"right to vote\" and having that vote counted correctly come from the Republican camp. One readily notes all the laws and regulations being passed in Florida to thwart voting by minorities in an effort to undermine tur

Group logo of Astoria Tea Party
Astoria Tea Party


Group logo of Atascadero Tea Party Patriots
Atascadero Tea Party Patriots

We are a group of freedom loving patroits that disagree with this Admistration\'s Policies and do not agree with the direction this administration is taking us. We support the Constituition, The Bill of Rights, the right to pursue individual happines

Group logo of Atbfw

Small group of people that Will Not Be pushed around when it comes to certain \'Principals\'

Group logo of Atchison County Tea Party
Atchison County Tea Party

Group of people who are tired of the way things have been going in Washington D.C.

Group logo of Athens-Limestone Tea Party Patriots
Athens-Limestone Tea Party Patriots

We are a group of conservative Tea Party patriots dedicated to the three principles of the Tea Party movement (constitutionally limited government,fiscal responsibility,and free market principles).We try to stay engaged in all levels of government to

Group logo of Atlanta Tea Party
Atlanta Tea Party!/event.php?eid=116325128392489

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