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Show Up & Send a Letter!

First, thank you. Thank you for the time and energy it took for you to show up this week. We have a long road ahead, but everything great begins with a small step, and that is what we accomplished this week - another step toward our goal of making America great again. Today is Freelance Friday! This means that today we each write and submit a letter to the editor of a local paper, and/or leave a comment on a mainstream media news site, and/or reach out in writing to our friends or family. In short, we write!

Show up locally for Gorsuch!

Today is Take it to the Streets Thursday! This means that we need to be out and about in our communities, visible, and taking our message about Neil Gorsuch directly to our fellow citizens! Details for today’s action are below. Do you remember when we began the fight against Obamacare? Remember the sign waving events that happened in all of our communities week after week? Remember the rallies? When I think about what “showing up” looks like, that’s what I see.

Make Calls for Gorsuch!

It’s Wednesday, and that means it is time for us melt the phone lines! Left wing activists have been calling their elected officials since almost the day after the election, trying to stop President Trump’s agenda before he even got started. They’ve tried to derail all of President Trump’s cabinet nominees1, hoping to make “the phones ring off the hook.” Now their attention has turned to Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court.

Tweet it Tuesday! Show up on Social Media!

Today is Tweet it Tuesday, and that means that today we show up on social media! If you’ve ever listened to Rush Limbaugh, you probably have heard him talk about the online “bots” used by left wing activists to swarm a person, a company, or elected officials. There’s a reason that progressives create fake social media accounts and bombard their targets with tweets; why they all make the same posts on Facebook, and why change their profile photos to all mimic each other. They do all of this because it works. Did you know that it takes fewer than 30 tweets to get a staffer’s attention?1 Did you know that undecided Senators and Representatives can be influenced by social media posts made by constituents?2

It’s Monday. And you know what that means.

Show up to support Neil Gorsuch this week!

Want to keep winning? It’s time to show up

Support Senator Sessions’ Nomination Toolkit

Protect the Bill of Rights Toolkit

We need your help stopping Obama from stacking the Supreme Court with another liberal Justice!

With the tragic passing of Justice Antonin Scalia last month, President Obama and his liberal allies are attempting to put another liberal Justice on the Supreme Court. It is a very rare occurrence in our nation’s history for a Supreme Court Justice to be confirmed in an election year for a vacancy that arose that same year. In fact, it’s been more than eight decades since this last occurred.  But the Democrats are determined to rush the confirmation process to shift the entire direction of the Supreme Court – which will have lasting and significant consequences for our country for the next several decades. The Left has a very checkered past ...