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Washington Post: Walker Says no Need to Moderate Views to Win Voters (Washington Post – Robert Costa)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that it is unnecessary for Republicans to moderate their views in order to win over wary voters and suggested that he would run as a conservative should he seek the GOP presidential nomination... Continue here.

Justices Skeptical of Obamacare Challenge (Washington Examiner – Paige Winfield Cunningham)

Obamacare's insurance subsidies appeared a bit safer Wednesday after the Supreme Court heard the latest legal challenge to President Obama's signature healthcare law... Continue here.

Administration prepares for Court Showdown Over Obamacare Subsidies (Washington Times – Tom Howell Jr.)

The Obama administration has prepared for Wednesday’s Supreme Court showdown by spending an extraordinary amount of time not just arguing the law, but the possible bad outcomes if the justices strike down Obamacare’s subsidies in most states... Continue here.

Now’s the Time to Remember That Old Bumper Sticker: ‘Don’t Tell Obama What Comes After a Trillion’ (Washington Times – Jennifer Harper)

Like the old bumper sticker says, “Don’t tell Obama what comes after a trillion.” Indeed. Perhaps the White House is under the impression that all American voters will rejoice over President Obama’s brand new, 2,000-page budget that includes $4 trillion in spending... Continue here.

The FEC’s Internet Gag Rule: Liberals don’t Want Americans Speaking Truth to Power (Jenny Beth Martin and Matt Kibbe Op-Ed in The Washington Times)

In the time leading up to the Battles of Lexington and Concord, American patriots had, for almost a decade, gathered near the Boston Common in the shade of a majestic elm tree to share their grievances about the king’s government... Continue here.

America’s Summer of Discontent, and what Washington can do about it

The Wall Street Journal and NBC News released a new poll [1] on Wednesday and the results were, well, depressing if not entirely surprising. A full three-quarters of Americans do not feel like their children will have a better life than they do. Seventy percent of Americans do not approve of the direction the country is heading. Only 40 percent approve of President Obama’s job performance – a new low for him. Moreover, only half (50 percent) of Americans feel like the economy is improving. In short: Americans are unhappy. One of the pollsters who conducted the poll said it shows “We’re in the summer of our discontent.” Call it what ...

IRS targeting came straight from Washington

New emails[1] obtained by the group Judicial Watch, by way of Freedom of Information Act requests, shine new light on the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal. Guess what? Officials in the IRS’ national headquarters actively directed and participated in the select targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups for heightened scrutiny. There’s more. Not only was the Washington IRS office involved in the targeting, it was also at least partially politically motivated. The emails reveal[2] that Democratic Sen. Carl Levin, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs subcommittee on investigations, pushed the IRS to look ...

Washington Shrugs while Americans Struggle

“This law will destroy what's left of the middle class and will lower healthcare services, while increasing premiums and putting bureaucrats who are not subject to this law in between me, my doctor and my bank account,” Sherry vented. The self-employed Florida resident speaks from experience as she copes with higher premiums in an economic environment that provides little opportunity for financial growth. “[I] tried to do the right thing and purchased a surgical/hospitalization policy with one wellness visit a year that includes labs, mammogram and colonoscopy. For my six-month premium, I was hit with a 22% increase, stating it was because ...

All the revenue in the world won’t fix Washington’s spending problems

Since Tea Party Patriots’ inception, there’s been a nationwide debate over how to fix how Washington spends (and wastes) your money.   We believe that in order to “right the ship,” so to speak, our elected officials need to make tough choices and cut spending.  Others, however, like to argue it’s a revenue problem that will be solved by raising taxes on the rich and corporations.   But new numbers from the Treasury Department show that simply sending more of your money to Washington doesn’t do a whole lot of anything. [1] Each month, Treasury publishes “total receipts” for the federal government, which includes revenue ...

Extortion and Washington with 60,000 Patriots

On Thursday, over 60,000 patriotic activists joined Tea Party Patriots in speaking with Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT), as well as Senator Lee’s Chief of Staff Boyd Matheson and Extortion author Peter Schweizer. You can listen to the call here: [ca_audio url_mp3="http://www.mediafire.com/?sdv3mbwt7lmiyb3" url_ogg="" skin="regular" align="none"] Schweizer led the call, explaining how Extortion spells out corruption taking place on Capitol Hill. According to Schweizer, legislation is often delayed in order to raise funds from those opposing or supporting bills – not the negotiating excuses given by public officials. Schwe...