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Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) & Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) Tax Day Tele Townhall With Tea Party Patriots – April 15, 2015

(Photo Credits: Public Domain, Wikipedia (1 and 2) On April 15, Tea Party Patriots was honored to have two tax-fighting conservatives on our Tax Day Tele Townhall: Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH). Except for President Obama, no one looks forward to Tax Day. Shamefully, the tax code has grown into a 70,000+ page monster, the IRS has been used as a weapon against Americans for their political and religious beliefs, and politicians use it to hide favoritism for special interest groups in the form of tax credits. On our tele townhall, both Senator Lee and Rep. Jordan described in detail why we must simplify our tax ...

Must Read from Sen. Mike Lee: Our Lost Constitution

From his first day in the Senate, Mike Lee has been one of the staunchest conservatives and defenders of the Constitution. Whether it’s personal liberty, economic freedom, taxes, or a debt-free future, Senator Lee has time and time again stood strong on conservative principles. Today, we are so pleased to be able to support him in his latest endeavor. Sen. Lee just published a new book titled, “Our Lost Constitution.” The book tells the untold stories of specific provisions of our nation’s founding document – how they came to be, who proposed them, who opposed them, and more. He’s truly provides a must-read narrative of the Constitution ...

Rallying Patriots in Utah!

Jenny Beth Martin at one of many meetings with Utah tea party leaders   There is perhaps no bigger champion of liberty than Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah. He is a tireless critic of Obamacare and an extraordinary champion of Constitutional principles in the United States Senate. That’s why Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots’ team were excited to take part in a tour of the Beehive State and meet with local activists. Utah has a unique political scene, because of the strong influence of the Mormon Church. Our activists on the ground are dedicated to the cause, and we’re providing them with the resources they need to ...

It’s not a blog, but it is

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Sasse, McHenry Bills Target Amnesty Payouts (Jenny Beth Martin Op-Ed in Roll Call)

For conservatives concerned with America’s sovereignty and border security, there have been some setbacks since November. President Barack Obama ignored the wave election that overwhelmingly rejected his and his party’s stance on illegal immigration, and enacted a lawless amnesty scheme by fiat... Continue here.

It’s About Freedom, YAL!

On Saturday March 7, Tea Party Patriots was pleased to be a sponsor of two separate Young Americans for Liberty events: YAL’s Iowa State Convention and Alabama State Convention. We partnered with YAL as they do a tremendous job bringing young Americans into the liberty movement while showing them how to properly defend Constitutional principles on left-wing campuses. Both conventions were all day training sessions which educated, trained, and inspired these patriots to become more effective in grassroots activism! Tea Party Patriots’ Gregg Cummings addressed the 200+ crowd at the University of Iowa about tea party and our ongoing battle for ...

Exclusive: Sen. Jeff Sessions to Rebut Jeb Bush’s Amnesty Support During Suprise CPAC Meet-and-Greet (Breitbart – Matthew Boyle)

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest chairman Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will address Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) attendees on Friday afternoon at a Breitbart News-hosted event. The event, at which Sessions will speak and also meet with CPAC attendees, is sponsored by Breitbart News and several grassroots organizations. Co-sponsors include Tea Party Patriots... Continue here.

Homeland Security Faces Shutdown (McClatchy – William Douglas)

Washington — Congress will return to work today with only four days left to pass a Department of Homeland Security funding bill and avert a partial agency shutdown and the furlough of about 30,000 federal employees... Continue here.

Obama Administration Plans Appeal (The Connecticut Post – Kevin Diaz)

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration is down, but not out, as the administration vowed Tuesday to appeal the decision of a federal judge in Texas questioning the White House's legal authority... Continue here.

7 things we’ll always love about America

1. The Founding Fathers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them! 2. The Constitution It’s too easy to take for granted that we have a written roadmap for ensuring government doesn’t trample our freedoms. 3. Freedom We take it seriously; most other countries don’t! 4. Opportunity It’s still true that everyone America has the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness. May that never change. 5. Free elections No matter how bad we may think things are, there’s comfort in knowing we have free elections that take place every couple of years, like clockwork. 6. Its natural beauty “O beautiful for spacious ...