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Gov. Rick Perry just shared the reason why he’s joined “Dancing With The Stars” and it will melt your heart

Former Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) is already waltzing his way into the hearts of Americans nationwide after officially announcing on Twitter why he’s joined the latest season of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” “I’m dedicated to helping #veterans however possible, and I’m going to use @DancingABC as a stage to do that. #DWTS,” Perry tweeted Tuesday morning. The former leader of the Lone Star State has a history of reaching out to and showing his appreciation for our military men and women, including in 2015 helping an Army green beret suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after his six deployments cope with the loss of his ...

Tea Party Patriots CEO Reacts to Merrick Garland Nomination

ATLANTA, Ga. - Tea Party Patriots CEO Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today in reaction to President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland. “Republicans in the Senate are absolutely right in standing with the American people, they deserve a say in this all-important decision which will affect the nation’s highest court for a generation. President Obama should not deny the people a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court Justice. Let the people decide who the next president is and let the next president select the next justice. The President is ignoring over 80 years of precedence to selfishly try to ...

Rick Perry tells Tea Party Group He was Right to Back David Dewhurst Over Ted Cruz in 2012 Primary (The Washington Times – Seth McLaughlin)

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry told a tea party group Sunday that he supported his lieutenant governor against Ted Cruz in the 2012 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate out of loyalty — a characteristic, he said, that is sorely missing in American politics... Continue here.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry Comes To Riverside Looking Towards 2016 Race (CBS Los Angeles)

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — Potential Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry brought attendees of a conservative-themed conference in Riverside to their feet by calling for “moral clarity” in national defense, federal deregulation, reformation of the tax code, and increased energy and border security... Continue here.

Florida Governor Rick Scott expands Medicaid

On Wednesday, Florida governor Rick Scott became the seventh Republican governor to back Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. From Bloomberg: Florida Governor Rick Scott supports expanding Medicaid in his state under President Barack Obama’s health-care law, at least while the federal government pays for it, a reversal of the Republican’s previous position. Scott said yesterday in Tallahassee that he’ll ask state lawmakers to back the expansion. After the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law in June, Scott said he wouldn’t expand Medicaid, the health-care program for the poor, in Florida. Once Obama won re-election in November, ...

Daily Action Outline for the Week of April 10th – April 14th

Daily Action Outline for the Week of April 3rd – April 7th

Gorsuch’s strong performance even wins over mainstream media, Dems

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch won over conservatives with his standout record, but his impeccable performance in Senate hearings this week has earned the judge praise from media figures and some Democrats as well. The Washington Free Beacon reported: On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin said it was clear Gorsuch knew more about the law than any of the senators asking him questions, Wolf Blitzer praised him as "very knowledgeable," Patrick Healy said he had a "natural command," and Gloria Borger called him "completely qualified and everybody knows it." Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Gorsuch during the week over his prior rulings and ...

Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 3/19/17

CALENDAR: The House will return Monday, with no votes scheduled before 6:30 PM. The House leadership is hoping to be done for the week on Thursday, but they’ve notified Members to be prepared for a late night. The Senate will return Tuesday, with the first vote set to take place at noon. The Senate is set to stay in session through Friday. LAST WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: The snowstorm that hit the east coast delayed the House’s return to action until Wednesday. The first vote was held at 6:57 PM, on a bill brought to the floor under Suspension of the Rules. On Thursday, the House took up and passed H.R. 1259, the VA Accounta...

Daily Action Outline for the Week of March 20th – March 24th