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Watch Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin demonstrate how to defend the Supreme Court!

Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin this week during a Facebook Live broadcast encouraged viewers to visit http://tpp.us/defendthesupremecourt and sign up to host a #ConfirmGorsuch house party in an effort to maximize the social-media buzz surrounding the confirmation process of conservative Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. “There’s a reason why we encourage people to use social media. There are studies that show that some members of Congress can be influenced by as few as 30 tweets, and we’ve all seen how much a single tweet from President Trump can get – how much media attention that can get,” said Jenny Beth. ...

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Jenny Beth’s Journal: President Trump could ‘go down as one of the greats’ if he rallies Congress around entitlement reform

President Donald J. Trump recognized on the campaign trail that spending beyond our means is a problem and he appears to be coming around to the idea that we will never rein in our national debt unless we address non-discretionary spending like social security and Medicare. The Washington Times has the commentary: Despite campaign rhetoric indicating his opposition to such efforts, recent signs indicate a growing recognition on his part that such spending reforms would be not only good, but also necessary. If he can find a way to use his legendary deal-making skills to bring polarized political elites together to fashion a long-term reform of our ...

Show Up & Send a Letter!

First, thank you. Thank you for the time and energy it took for you to show up this week. We have a long road ahead, but everything great begins with a small step, and that is what we accomplished this week - another step toward our goal of making America great again. Today is Freelance Friday! This means that today we each write and submit a letter to the editor of a local paper, and/or leave a comment on a mainstream media news site, and/or reach out in writing to our friends or family. In short, we write!

Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Mark Sanford introduce Obamacare repeal

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Republican Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina this week introduced an Obamacare-repeal bill that has the backing of the 40-member House Freedom Caucus – the support it potentially needs to get the ball moving on getting rid of the disastrous health-insurance laws weighing heavily on American business and families. The Daily Signal has the details: “We’re excited about the fact that it will finally be able to address many of the concerns that we’re hearing, whether it’s at town halls or personal calls from our constituents about pre-existing conditions, about how to empower the consumer in terms ...

Tell these senators to send some love to Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch

Members of the Senate, former clerks, friends and colleagues of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch are rallying around the judge as he gears up for his confirmation hearings. But some aren’t sending the nominee their love like they should be, including Democrat Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin; Democrat Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey; Democrat Florida Sen. Bill Nelson; Democrat Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly; North Dakota Democrat Sen. Heidi Heitkamp; Montana Democrat Sen. Jon Tester; and Democrat Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. “Judge Gorsuch has a distinguished record that demonstrates he will be fair to all Americans, no matter their background or ...

It’s Monday. And you know what that means.

It's Monday. Chances are, if you're like most people, Monday is not your favorite day of the week. But here at Tea Party Patriots, we're helping Monday make a comeback. You might say we're helping to Make Mondays Great Again. Did you see our emails over the weekend? If so, you know we are in the midst of launching a new effort with coordinated activities each day to help you — and millions of other everyday Americans who love our Constitution and our country — take one simple step: showing up.

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Wife of wounded warrior meets with President Trump, proposes ‘real solutions’ for VA

Tiffany Smiley, wife of an injured Iraq-war veteran, Tuesday met with President Donald J. Trump to share her and her husband’s experience navigating Veterans Affairs and to give her own suggestions on ways to improve the floundering department. “Today I had the absolute honor of sharing our story with President Donald J. Trump. I was able to explain the difficult journey we had with the VA and propose practical and real solutions to bring change to the broken VA system,” Ms. Smiley says in a recent Facebook post. West Point graduate and Army Ranger Lt. Scotty Smiley – “the Army’s first blind active-duty officer, according to Milita...

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