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WH on DHS favoritism: nothing to see here!

Suppose a top official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showed special treatment toward requests from Democratic officials. And suppose that special treatment involved help with tricky immigration matters for the well-connected friends of these Democratic officials. Suppose all this happened and it violated a number of ethics rules. You’d expect the White House to come out against the practice pretty hard, right? Wrong. During a White House press briefing on Wednesday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest called the offending DHS official – Alejandro Mayorkas – a “decorated public servant.” Hmmm Earnest continued [1]: “Mr. ...

News Briefing for Thursday, March 26

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: The GOP quandary: How far right without falling over the edge? “…Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is at or near the top of most early polls among Republicans, likes to boast how he stuck to conservative principles to win statewide office three times in a centrist state. “To win the center, you don’t have to go to the center, you have to lead,” he said last week during a Tea Party Patriots telephone town hall. Tea party loyalists are still somewhat wary of Walker, though, because of past positions on immigration and government support for ethanol, a big issue in Iowa, site of the nation’s first caucus…” ht...

Montana Tea Party Groups Convene in Helena

Tea party groups from across Big Sky Country gathered in the state’s capitol city last weekend to talk about strategy and upcoming opportunities for the movement. And with newly minted GOP majorities in both chambers of the legislature, Montana conservatives see abounding opportunities. Close to a dozen different tea party groups from across the (huge) state attended, as did TPP’s Legislative Coordinator Bill Pascoe and Communications Director Kevin Broughton. Attendees got a quick tutorial on social media on Friday, then got a chance to see what their colleagues across Montana were doing to further the cause. Investigative reporter Ron Catlett ...

News Briefing for Wednesday, March 25

HEALTHCARE: How many will have to pay back Obamacare subsidies? “More Americans will owe the government money for their Obamacare subsidy than won't, says a new analysis. A big upcoming Tax Day question is how many Americans with government-subsidized health insurance will find that they collected more in subsidies than they're qualified for and have to pay some of it back — and how many will find themselves in the opposite position, with the government owing them money. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that half of all subsidy-eligible households will be in the first boat, owing the government an average payment of $794. That situat...

A Look Inside Our Weekly Leadership Call

This past Sunday we were joined by Congressmen Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows (NC) to discuss the current budget proposal moving through the House of Representatives. We wanted to give you access to this otherwise exclusive call. Listen to the recording below. If you are a Local Tea Party Coordinator or Leader and you aren't participating in the weekly Sunday calls or your group isn't listed on our website, we encourage you to register your group so that we can make sure that you get connected.

News Briefing for Tuesday, March 24

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: Tea Party first to cheer Cruz bid (quote by Jenny Beth) “He's a leader of the Tea Party in Washington, so it's not a surprise that Tea Party leaders are heaping praise on Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential announcement today. Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, was the first to embrace Cruz, noting his firm stands on conservative principles. "It's fitting that Sen. Ted Cruz is the first announced candidate in the GOP presidential field," Martin said in a statement. "In his two short years in the Senate, he has yielded to no one in championing the values of personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free ...

Election 2016: Can Ted Cruz Win The Conservative Mantle? (International Business Times – Ginger Gibson)

- If Ted Cruz wants to win the Republican primary, first he’s going to have to win an internal battle in the GOP’s right wing to be the conservative candidate of choice... Continue here.

Tea Party Patriots Leader: Ted Cruz “Has Yielded To No One’ in Pushing True Conservatism (Breitbart – Matthew Boyle)

LYNCHBURG, Virginia — Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots and the head of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Super PAC, celebrated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the announcement of his presidential campaign shortly after midnight on Monday. In a statement to Breitbart News, Martin said that Cruz has been one of the most effective fighters for conservatism in his two years in the U.S. Senate... Continue here.

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Ted Cruz’s announcement

It’s fitting that Sen. Ted Cruz will be the first announced candidate in the GOP presidential field. In his two short years in the Senate, he has yielded to no one in championing the values of personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future. As the field expands, we will look forward to seeing how the other candidates advance the liberty movement and put forward conservative solutions to undoing the mess our ‘transformational’ president has made of our Republic.

News Briefing for Monday, March 23

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: Cruz to launch White House bid, will tea party go along? (Tea Party Patriots mentioned) “…While tea party leaders still like Cruz, they’re also looking elsewhere for 2016. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, regarded as a new voice and a Washington outsider, has drawn a passionate following, particularly in Iowa. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won the 2008 Iowa caucus, retains a loyal conservative following. Walker so far has pulled ahead of everyone, and held a telephone town hall last week with followers of one group, the Tea Party Patriots. Afterward, the group said on its website “there is perhaps no one the ...