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Donation Cancellation

The cancellation of your donation is confirmed. We're sorry that you had to cancel. If you had a problem with your donation or need assistance, please feel free to contact us. We can either step you through the online process or accept your information over the phone.  

Donate for the September Iran Rally

Capitol Lawn Washington, DC September 10th, 2015 Help us reach our fundraising goal in order for our voices be heard in Washington, DC. To donate by check or money order: Tea Party Patriots 1025 Rose Creek DrSuite 620-322 Woodstock, GA 30189 // //

New Docs Reveal IRS Deliberately Targeted Donors to Obama Critics

WASHINGTON, DC – Jenny Beth Martin, President and Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots, responded today to new evidence that the IRS deliberately targeted for personal audits donors to tax-exempt organizations, and released the following statement: “Make a donation to an opponent of the President’s policies, get audited. According to these new IRS documents – which we’re just now seeing, thanks to Judicial Watch and its FOIA lawsuits – that was standard operating procedure at the most feared federal agency of all, the Internal Revenue Service, in the months leading up to the President’s 2012 reelection campaign. “That, in a nutshell, ...

Conservatives to Congress: “Don’t Reauthorize Ex-Im Bank”

Atlanta, Ga. – On Wednesday, Tea Party Patriots, along with other conservative leaders, will host a press conference to call on the leadership of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate to eliminate any path to reauthorization of the Export-Import bank in upcoming legislation being considered by Congress. "We have consistently opposed the Ex-Im Bank's reauthorization because the Bank represents everything that is wrong with Washington, DC," said Jenny Beth Martin, President and Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots. "It is the worst combination of crony capitalism, back-room deals, corporate welfare, and abuse of tax dollars. The death of the Ex-Im Bank is ...

BREAKING: Americans don’t trust big government

Pres. Ronald Regan once famously said that “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Reagan may have uttered those words decades ago, but - according to a new poll – they still ring true today. An overwhelming majority of Americans don’t trust the federal government. A full 61 percent of American voters don’t have faith in the powers that run Washington. What’s equally startling is that trust among registered Independents has dropped 32 percentage points since 2002. For Republicans, trust has gone from 63 percent to 25 percent. When voters are asked about President ...

GOP Praises Amnesty Ruling: ‘Impatient Presidents Don’t Get to Change the Law’ (Newsmax – Todd Beamon)

Republicans and law-enforcement officials Tuesday praised a federal appeals court ruling supporting 26 states in their battle against President Barack Obama's executive amnesty for illegal immigrants, with Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu telling Newsmax that "this is our republic working with checks and balances, holding the executive branch in his overreach of power accountable."... Continue here.

Obamacare protests Resemble Campaign Rallies (USA Today – Jayne O’Donnell)

WASHINGTON — If the scene outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday resembled dueling campaign rallies — and it did — that was because many people's views on the hotly contested Obamacare case argued inside fall along partisan lines... Continue here.

Donald Trump Slams Liberals in ‘Dishonest Press’: ‘I’m Going to Start Naming Names’ (Breitbart – Matthew Boyle)

Real estate magnate and reality television star Donald Trump shredded liberals in the media who are “dishonest” on a conference call with grassroots activists nationwide from Tea Party Patriots on Sunday night, saying he’s planning to start calling out specific reporters for their inaccurate articles... Continue here.

Numbers don’t lie

Remember when Obamcare opponents were warning about the havoc the law would surely wreak on our nation’s finances? Well, we’re already starting to see glimpses of that come to fruition. The first quarter of 2015 isn’t even over yet, and overall spending has increased [1] eight percent, thanks to, you guessed it, Obamacare. President Obama brazenly promised nationalized health care would reduce the deficit. Now we can count that as just one more Obamacare lie. As economist Stephen Moore noted in  a recent op-ed [2], health care costs are exploding. The increases account for spending on everything from insurance subsidies to Medicaid. Mea...

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