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With the holiday season in full-swing now that Thanksgiving is over and felled Christmas trees are popping up on cars nationwide, Americans are counting their blessings and thinking of ways to give back to their communities. We at Tea Party Patriots hope you’ll consider us for your year-end giving. If you’re interested in training and cultivating citizens dedicated to personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future, Tea Party Patriots Foundation is the organization for you! Click here to donate today!

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Forbes: ‘Families struggling to pay their bills’ the ones who have the most to lose if we don’t tackle our national debt

The sheer magnitude of our national debt is mind boggling but something we have to address for the sake of our nation and for the sake of those most vulnerable in the event of a financial crisis. Forbes has the commentary: Since President Obama took office in 2009, the debt has grown by $9 trillion, or 85%. Today, it clocks in at over $19.6 trillion. In the last fiscal year alone, our national debt rose by $1.5 trillion. These numbers may seem difficult to comprehend for many families struggling to pay their bills, but it’s those individuals who could be hurt the most if we keep letting the debt spiral out of control. In 2030, by the time ...

Poll: Americans DON’T LIKE Obamacare!

Don’t tread on me: Tea partyers making their voices heard in communities across the country

Big-Five health insurer Aetna abandoning majority of Obamacare business

Aetna – one of the five largest health-insurance companies in the nation – is cutting its losses and terminating its business in the majority of the counties in which it offers Obamacare coverage. Business Insider has the details: The firm said that after a review of its public-health-exchange business it determined that the nearly $300 million in pretax loss it was sustaining on an annual basis was not worth the business. In its new plan, it will offer healthcare options through the public exchanges in just 242 of the 778 counties where it now operates. These will be mainly in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, and Virginia...

Obama donor major investigator in IRS targeting scandal

Justice Department attorney and Obama campaign donor Barbara Bosserman spent more than 1,500 hours looking into the IRS officials who targeted Americans for their political beliefs, reveals documents obtained by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Request. LifeZette has the scoop: When Judicial Watch filed its Freedom of Information Act appeal in 2014, it sought to overturn a lower court’s ruling to keep the information sealed. When the Department of Justice failed to respond in a timely fashion to the request, Judicial Watch sued. In 2014, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa ...

Obama administration opens investigation into questionable Clinton Foundation donations

Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state under President Obama is a dodgy one. As New York Times columnist David Brooks said in recent commentary, what legacy did she leave behind when serving at the State Department? An Obama-administration investigation into questionable donations made to the Clinton Foundation when she was secretary of state shows her time there potentially had nothing to do with public service but was self-serving. The Washington Examiner has the details: [Obama administration] officials are investigating the Clinton Foundation for alleged fraud after dozens of lawmakers asked the tax agency to open an inquiry. A ...


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