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Tea Party Patriots Congratulates President Donald Trump on his Inauguration as the 45th President of the United States

Washington, D.C. – Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today as Donald J. Trump took the oath of office as our nation’s 45th President. “Tea Party Patriots and our network of supporters across the nation congratulate President Donald Trump on his inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. President Trump received tens of millions of votes from Americans of all backgrounds, from all walks of life and every corner of this country, because he presented a vision of our nation that contrasted greatly with the disappointments and failures of the last eight years. Americans ...


Daily Signal: ‘The American people don’t like Obamacare and never have’

President-elect Donald Trump's victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicates Americans’ general displeasure with career politicians but perhaps more so his victory underscores a deep-seated dissatisfaction with President Obama’s signature health-insurance law, the so-called “Affordable Care Act” — poorly thought out, crammed through Congress without due diligence and protected against legal challenges by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Daily Signal has the story: The American people don’t like Obamacare and never have, and it’s not hard to see why. Pew and Gallup both report that year after year, more Americans say the ...

Tea Party Patriots Applauds President-elect Donald Trump’s Nomination of Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt to Lead EPA

Washington, DC – Tea Party Patriots CEO and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today in response to reports that President-elect Donald Trump has selected Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be the next Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. “Tea Party Patriots applauds President-elect Donald Trump for picking Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be the next Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. AG Pruitt has worked with our activists over the years fighting Obamacare and he understands the importance of federalism and the ability of state and local governments to serve their ...

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Forbes: ‘Families struggling to pay their bills’ the ones who have the most to lose if we don’t tackle our national debt

The sheer magnitude of our national debt is mind boggling but something we have to address for the sake of our nation and for the sake of those most vulnerable in the event of a financial crisis. Forbes has the commentary: Since President Obama took office in 2009, the debt has grown by $9 trillion, or 85%. Today, it clocks in at over $19.6 trillion. In the last fiscal year alone, our national debt rose by $1.5 trillion. These numbers may seem difficult to comprehend for many families struggling to pay their bills, but it’s those individuals who could be hurt the most if we keep letting the debt spiral out of control. In 2030, by the time ...

Poll: Americans DON’T LIKE Obamacare!

Don’t tread on me: Tea partyers making their voices heard in communities across the country

Big-Five health insurer Aetna abandoning majority of Obamacare business

Aetna – one of the five largest health-insurance companies in the nation – is cutting its losses and terminating its business in the majority of the counties in which it offers Obamacare coverage. Business Insider has the details: The firm said that after a review of its public-health-exchange business it determined that the nearly $300 million in pretax loss it was sustaining on an annual basis was not worth the business. In its new plan, it will offer healthcare options through the public exchanges in just 242 of the 778 counties where it now operates. These will be mainly in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, and Virginia...