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Fiorina, Tea Party Loyalists Have Much in Common (David Lightman – McClatchy)

Carly Fiorina told the Tea Party Patriots Sunday that she too wants smaller, more responsive government, as she spoke and took questions from callers... Continue here.

Rick Perry tells Tea Party Group He was Right to Back David Dewhurst Over Ted Cruz in 2012 Primary (The Washington Times – Seth McLaughlin)

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry told a tea party group Sunday that he supported his lieutenant governor against Ted Cruz in the 2012 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate out of loyalty — a characteristic, he said, that is sorely missing in American politics... Continue here.

The Libertarians Who Got SCOTUS and Congress to Consider the Unthinkable (Bloomberg – David Weigel)

Inside the Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia was trying to give Congress some credit. Why, he asked Solicitor General Don Verrilli, should the court worry about destroying the Affordable Care Act if it ruled against subsidies for states that hadn't created exchanges?... Continue here.

John Boehner survives Conservative Coup Attempt Despite 25 GOP Conservative Defectors – the Largest Group to Vote Against a Sitting House Speaker in their Own Party Since 1923 (Daily Mail – David Martosko)

More than two dozen conservatives in the House of Representatives lodged protest votes against Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday, but the mini-coup attempt wasn't enough to deny him a third term at the helm of Congress's lower chamber... Continue here.

Tea Party groups make last-minute Push to Oust Boehner (The Hill – David McCabe)

Tea Party groups are making a late push to oust Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)... Continue here.

David Brooks needs to get out more

Normally, this blog wouldn’t respond to the intellectually vapid ramblings of David “I love Obama’s pants crease” Brooks, but his commentary on Meet the Press on Sunday hails from the realm of fantasy. On the show, Brooks debated Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) on immigration “reform.” Brooks ignored factual reality, instead relying on a surprising ignorance of politics to defend the Senate’s amnesty bill as immigration reform conservatives and Republicans should support. The fact-check: Before getting to Brooks, host David Gregory mentioned to Eugene Robinson that Senator John McCain (R-AZ), “Who just a few years ago was doing ...

Tea Party Patriots Weekly Legislative Update for 05/03/15

Listen to the podcast here: CALENDAR: The House will take a one-week recess, and return to work in Washington on Tuesday, May 12. The Senate will return tomorrow, with no votes scheduled before 5:30 PM. We anticipate they’ll be in all week.   LAST WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: So, the House started spending money last week. Even before the Budget Conference officially had come to agreement on spending levels for FY2016 and the rest of the decade, the House GOP Leadership had decided to move two appropriations bills to the floor – H.R. 2028, the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, and H.R. ...

News Briefing for Monday, May 4

HEALTHCARE: As States Expand Medicaid, Unpaid Hospital Bills Disappear “With more states expanding Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, hospital operators are reporting fewer unpaid medical bills and falling charity and uncompensated care expenses. Under the health law, states have the option to expand Medicaid at little cost to the states. And more are doing so with Montana Gov. Steve Bullock last week signing a bipartisan legislation to expand Medicaid under the health law to more than 70,000 people. This, coupled by an improving economy, is boosting revenues for hospital companies like Community Health Systems (CYH), Tenet Healthc...

News Briefing for May 2

HEALTHCARE: Nearly half of Obamacare exchanges are struggling over their future “Nearly half of the 17 insurance marketplaces set up by the states and the District under President Obama’s health law are struggling financially, presenting state officials with an unexpected and serious challenge five years after the passage of the landmark Affordable Care Act. Many of the online exchanges are wrestling with surging costs, especially for balky technology and expensive customer-call centers — and tepid enrollment numbers. To ease the fiscal distress, officials are considering raising fees on insurers, sharing costs with other states and pressing ...

News Briefing for Friday, May 1

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: Has the GOP Lost Its Budget Soul? (Interview with Jenny Beth Martin) http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4205023771001/neils-spiel-republicans-losing-their-budget-soul/#sp=show-clips   The Conservative Populist Breakout “…Grassroots activists: the unsung heroes of the populist right: An absolutely crucial (in some ways, the most important) part of the emerging conservative populist coalition is the committed citizens who spend hours directly contacting their elected representatives. A large number of Republicans in Congress are on the fence on immigration and will listen carefully to their most determined ...