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Iran Nuke Deal Opposition: Tea Party Patriots, Center for Security Policy, Zionist Organization of America To Host DC Rally Sept. 9th

Sen. Ted Cruz, Businessman Donald Trump, and Others To Speak Atlanta, Ga. – On September 9 – the eve of the Congressional votes to disapprove of President Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal – Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy, and the Zionist Organization of America, will stage a rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol to call on Members of Congress to reject the deal. Additional specifics will follow as they are finalized. Today, keynote speaker Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced he has invited businessman Donald Trump to speak, and Trump has accepted. "On the heels of our successful day of activism with supporters, ...

End the Iran Deal Toolkit

The President is pushing through the Iran Deal, despite the serious ramifications it may have and the lack of full support from Congress. Download the toolkit to help us fight against these actions. Download Toolkit

End the Iran Deal Congressional Office Visit After Action Report

Iran deal rally after action report

Stop the Iran Deal | Capitol Rally on September 9th

End the Iran Deal | Nationwide Congressional Office Visits on August 27th

End the Iran Deal

End the Iran Deal Congressional Office Visit RSVP

Jenny Beth Martin Voices Her Opposition to the Iran Nuclear “Deal”

Last week I joined Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Louie Gohmert, and others at a press event in Senator Cruz’s office to voice our concerns over President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. My original reservations about this deal were based on the fact that the President was rushing the deal to the United Nations before Congress even had a chance to review the agreement. In my mind, the only thing that is keeping this from being a treaty is the fact that the Administration refuses to call it a treaty. If it walks like a treaty and talks like a treaty, then it should be handled as a treaty and be subject to authorization by no less than two thirds of ...

Viral video calls for government accountability amid years-long IRS runaround

A viral video published Monday by the House Oversight committee documents the runaround IRS officials gave Congress following news the IRS targeted Americans for their political beliefs. President Obama went on the record in February 2014 claiming there is "... not even a smidgen of corruption" within the IRS and yet congressional inquiries have apparently revealed otherwise. IRS Chief John Koskinen told Congress the IRS would bend over backward to turn over all of former IRS Chief Louis Lerner's missing emails regarding the targeting scandal, even stating the IRS spent $18 million, 250 staff members and up to 120,000 hours "responding" ...