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Sasse, McHenry Bills Target Amnesty Payouts (Jenny Beth Martin Op-Ed in Roll Call)

For conservatives concerned with America’s sovereignty and border security, there have been some setbacks since November. President Barack Obama ignored the wave election that overwhelmingly rejected his and his party’s stance on illegal immigration, and enacted a lawless amnesty scheme by fiat... Continue here.

McCaul Border Bill (Jenny Beth Martin Op-Ed in The Hill)

During the 2014 midterm elections, Republicans across the country campaigned hard on opposing executive amnesty by President Obama, and securing the country’s borders.  The president famously intoned that “every single one” of his policies was on the ballot; the voters took heed and rewarded Republicans with historic majorities. The GOP now has a chance to make good on its pledges...Continue here.

The Bizarre Lies Behind The Establishment GOP Border Bill (Conservative HQ)

What would you think of a “border security” bill that built little or no border fence, deported no illegal aliens and made it easier for illegal aliens who are already here to stay?... Continue here.

Tea Party group calls McCaul Border Bill a ‘GOP Stalking Horse’

Border security legislation being championed in Congress by Austin Republican Michael McCaul has run afoul of a national tea party group that says it does nothing to block President Obama’s “executive amnesty.”... Continue here.

Anti-Amnesty Leaders: New House Border Bill ‘Flawed,’ Could Be Bigger Immigration ‘Stalking Horse’

A new bill from Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, may be nothing more than a stalking horse for a larger immigration package that House Republican leadership seeks, anti-amnesty leaders tell Breitbart News... Continue here.

Jenny Beth Martin Statement on Omnibus Bill

"Once again, Speaker Boehner and the House GOP leadership have found a way to needlessly squander political capital, after being handed a historic majority. Rather than negotiate and govern from a position of strength – and defend the Constitution against a lawless autocrat – the Speaker has punted on first down. It’s shameful, it’s senseless, and it will be remembered." We would like to thank the 67 GOP members of the House who kept their promise to the American people and voted against the Bill.  They are listed below.

Jenny Beth Martin Statement on 1,600 Page Funding/Amnesty Bill

"The Republicans have been given the ball. It’s up to them to show that they deserve it.”   - Jenny Beth Martin, 11/5/14, The Daily Caller   I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s taken the Republicans all of 35 days to drop that ball in spectacularly disappointing fashion. America rises this morning to find that another massive,1600-page bill dropped under the cover of darkness. A bill created behind closed doors, of course, that congressmen won’t even have time to read. Make no mistake, this bill DOES fund Obama's executive amnesty, and so much more. We’ve not seen a "Lame Duck Congress” these last several days. ...

Final Border Bill Update

Patriots: Thanks for all the work you have done over the last two days. We are finally getting details about the final border bill that will likely be voted on this evening. First we want to say that there have been some substantial changes to the bill since yesterday and it is all because of the hard work and dedication that you put into it. The bill has some good fixes in some areas and some things that we think fall short of where they need to be, but the important part is that we stopped a really bad bill from passing yesterday. 1. Good thing: Reps. John Carter/Robert Aderholt add language to strengthen the "Other Than Mexican" (OTM) ...

Obamacare contractor paid $1.2 billion to do nothing

Employees at a company that received a $1.2 billion Obamacare contract from the federal government are literally being paid to do nothing.[1] The company –Serco – is supposed to be handling Obamacare applications at its processing center in Missouri. One current employee, however, has come forward saying that not only is there not enough applications to go around, but many employees spend the day staring idly at their computer screens. “They’re told to sit at their computers and hit the refresh button every ten minutes – no more than every ten minutes,” said the employee. “They’re monitored to hopefully look for an application. ...

Half a Billion and Climbing on Four Obamacare Websites

Obamacare – the eternal money pit. It’s where hundreds of millions of tax dollars are pumped into a law collapsing under its own weight. The latest example of this insane spending are 4 failed healthcare exchanges, which cost citizens $474 million, according to Politico. “Nearly half a billion dollars in federal money has been spent developing four state Obamacare exchanges that are now in shambles — and the final price tag for salvaging them may go sharply higher. Each of the states — Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland — embraced Obamacare, and each underperformed. All have come under scathing criticism and now face months of ...