Tea Party Patriots and our partners offer a number of different training options, including everything from self-study online videos and training to in-person training seminars and conferences hosted in different parts of the country. Some of these resources are listed below.

Recent training events available online:

  • Forming Nonprofit Organizations – on April 5th 2012, a special webinar was held for coordinators providing information and discussing issues about forming  501c3’s, c4’s and PAC’s for your local groups.
  • Working with the TPP Web Site – numerous how-to articles on working with the site. You can also request help with specific problems here.

Many upcoming training events are offered by Tea Party Patriots in partnership with The Leadership Institute. For more information on upcoming events click here.

One of three core values of Tea Party Patriots, and a common theme among the Tea Party movement, is Constitutionally Limited Government, a system wisely calculated to secure the life, liberty, and happiness of all its citizens. Sadly we have abandoned many of the constitutionally limited mechanisms that have helped secure these rights, resulting in a nation in peril.

Tea Party Patriots have many excellent educational programs about the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.

Want to get more involved but don’t know how? Tea Party Patriots and the Leadership Institute an amazing array of in-depth training resources for all Patriots! Our Grassroots and Campaign programs teach you how to get involved and make a difference in your local elections and governance. We have specially designed these trainings to give you the nuts and bolts tools needed to hold your elected leaders accountable. Attend these classes and learn what it takes to make your voice heard: provides an amazing array of free, in-depth training resources for all  Tea Party Patriots registered Patriots!

Tea Party Patriots hosts quarterly conferences for Local Coordinators. These conferences focus on developing additional expertise on issues, elections, communications, media, and grassroots organizing techniques. TPP offers subsidized travel costs to local coordinators to facilitate attendance. Coordinators then return home to share what they’ve learned with the members of their groups. If you are, or know of,  a local coordinator interested in attending, please contact your state coordinator.