Tea Party Patriots Foundation and our partners offer a number of different training options, including everything from self-study online videos and training to in-person training seminars and conferences hosted in different parts of the country. Some of these resources are listed below.

Constitution Academy – Mastering the Principles of Liberty

One of the values of Tea Party Patriots Foundation, and a common theme among the Tea Party movement, is Constitutionally Limited Government. It is a system of government wisely calculated to secure the life, liberty, and happiness of all its citizens. Sadly we have abandoned many of the constitutionally limited mechanisms that have helped secure these rights, resulting in a nation in peril.

Tea Party Patriots Foundation has many excellent educational programs about the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.

Tea Party Patriots Conferences

Tea Party Patriots Foundation periodically hosts conferences that focus on developing additional expertise on issues, elections, communications, media, and grassroots organizing techniques. Tea Party Patriots Foundation will often subsidize travel costs to activists to facilitate attendance. Activists then return home to share what they’ve learned with friends and members of their groups.

Training Videos

Tea Party Patriots grassroots activist Maria Acosta shares her secret to crafting the perfect Tea Party message to reach the friends and family you talk to every single day:

Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin explains how the Tea Party message has been consistent over the years and shares the most effective ways to spread the word:

Tea Party Patriots’ Michael Prell shares some tips on writing to help effectively spread the Tea Party message:

Tea Party Patriots’ Darcy Kahrhoff explains how the Tea Party’s message has evolved:

Diana Banister, of Shirley & Banister Public Relations in Washington DC, shares ways you can approach and work with the media to make sure your Tea Party Patriots messaging reaches the correct audience.

What is the best way to raise awareness for your local Tea Party Patriots group at the local and regional level? Public Relations expert Juda Engelmayer lays out an easy plan and why it’s important for you to reach out to the media .

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