There are not enough poll watchers trained and ready to help with the Virginia election!

You know that when there aren’t enough trained people to watch what’s going on, then those who seek to create chaos and fraud have more opportunities to do just that.

Please follow the four steps below and become a poll watcher – this needs to be done immediately. It is so easy, and it makes a world of difference in the security and integrity of your elections.

Become a poll watcher with these easy steps!

  1. Log in to our election integrity training website.
  2. Take the training offered by Leadership Institute.
  3. Go to the Party Unit Chairman for the party of your choice. He or she will “approve” you, and appoint you as a poll watcher. You will receive shifts and times to work from the Unit Chair.
  4. Show up to the shifts you were assigned!

Bonus item: Tell us what you think of the training, how your experience went as a Poll Watcher, and what Tea Party Patriots Foundation can do to improve and recruit more election officials, poll workers, and poll watchers nationwide.

Remember it takes eternal vigilance to keep our Republic. We must show up, get engaged, and take action. Thank you for all you are doing and have done to defend our Constitution and elections. Together, we can take the next step, and ensure election integrity in Virginia.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin