Your actions this year have already made a huge difference! We helped get Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General. We fought for over a year to protect Justice Scalia’s legacy on the Supreme Court and President Trump followed through on his promise in his nomination of Neil Gorsuch. We have continued to fight tooth and nail to get a full repeal of Obamacare and we have another opportunity to impact the Senate.

Because of your diligence and support, we are making a huge difference and we can’t slow down now!

This week, our actions will focus on President Trump’s tax reform proposal. We want to express our support for the plan, put pressure on our elected officials, and educate our communities.

There are three main action items for the week:


.@[INSERT REPRESENTATIVE’S TWITTER ID] I’m your constituent & I support @realDonaldTrump’s tax plan, & want you to support it too! #TaxReformNow

.@[INSERT SENATOR #1 TWITTER ID] As your constituent, I want you to vote for  @realDonaldTrump’s tax reforms! Our families need tax relief! #TaxReformNow

.@[INSERT SENATOR #2 TWITTER ID] As your constituent, I want you to vote for  @realDonaldTrump’s tax reform! Our families need economic growth! #TaxReformNow


Hi! My name is [First Name, Last Name], and I am one of [Name of Representative or Senator]’s constituents. My zip code is [Your Zip Code]. Today I’m calling about President Trump’s tax reforms. First I’d like to know where my [Representative/Senator] stands on his tax plan?

After the aide answers, continue with the script below.

I’d like to express my full support for his proposed reforms. My family needs the tax relief that President Trump’s plan would provide. His plan would also spark the economic growth that we’ve all been waiting years and years to see, and my family needs that as well. Our businesses need tax relief, just like our people. For regular people like me, taxes are not just a financial burden, but also a huge burden on my time. President Trump’s plan would simplify taxes so that it wouldn’t be this highly stressful event that everyone dreads each year. It’s well past time for a simple, fair process, with flatter, lower rates that are easy to follow. Please let the [Representative/Senator] know that I want [him/her] to support President Trump’s tax reforms 100%, and I will be watching to see how [he/she] votes on this issue. Thank you.


Too many Americans are suffering under a tax code that is too complex and cumbersome that can only be understood with legions of lawyers.

The tax code penalizes Americans for wanting to earn more and improve their lives, and this must stop.

The vast majority of Americans want a tax system that is fairer, flatter, and simpler.

Americans do not want little trims and tweaks around the edges. We want bold, dramatic changes that will truly help our families.

It’s not just families that are suffering, but it’s also businesses, and particularly small businesses. Many people have a dream of owning and running their own business, but in the end, cannot overcome the barriers created by the tax system and the regulations imposed by government.

It’s time for drastic reform of our tax system, and it’s time for the tax code to work for the people instead of the government and their cronies.