Sometimes, it’s no fun being right. Back in 2009 and 2010, we predicted that ObamaCare would cause people to lose their insurance, would make our healthcare system more bureaucratic and less patient-centered, would cause the price of insurance to rise dramatically, and would force people to lose their doctors. On each of those fronts, we were painfully correct in our predictions.

Since ObamaCare was signed into law more than 7 years ago, Americans have struggled to deal with the burdens of ObamaCare, and that is why we are still working to repeal this awful law. The Senate is expected to put forth its repeal bill in the next few weeks. Now is our chance to weigh in and tell the GOP leadership what we want to see in this bill.

Please call both of your United States Senators TODAY. You can reach each Senator through the Capitol switchboard at 202.224.3121.

Tell your Senators that you hope they will keep the three “C’s” of meaningful healthcare reform front and center in mind when repealing ObamaCare. The three C’s are: the Constitution, the cost of ObamaCare, and competition.

The Constitution

ObamaCare ran roughshod over the Constitution, trampling not only our individual freedoms as consumers, but also our religious freedom. The Constitution was a complete afterthought with ObamaCare, but it MUST be one of the Senate’s chief considerations in putting together this new reform package. Health care bills that undermine the Constitution are not acceptable!

The Cost of ObamaCare

ObamaCare’s costs have been enormous. Individuals have seen their health insurance prices skyrocket to accommodate the needless regulations in the law. Small businesses have seen their costs climb dramatically, forcing many small businesses to make the difficult decision of laying people off or not hiring new employees. This is a terrible predicament for our nation’s job creators, and it is unacceptable! We’ve also seen the true cost of ObamaCare for taxpayers and for the states. Tell your Senators to keep in mind that the cost of ObamaCare has been terrible for American families, businesses, and the states.

Competition is a MUST

ObamaCare has all but killed competition in the health insurance free market. By creating so many regulations and burdens on health insurance companies, Americans have found themselves with very few choices. When it comes to meeting the needs of patients and consumers, the Government does NOT know best. This new health care bill must allow the free market to work (as we know it can, when government gets out of the way). Make sure your Senators know just how important competition and the free market are in health care reform.

Talking Points

  • Our nation simply cannot afford Obamacare. The healthcare law adds trillions to our nation’s debt.
  • Obamacare’s mandates and regulations have driven up health insurance costs, and they must all be repealed.
  • True healthcare reform will uphold the Constitution, protect individual liberty, and not put government between doctors and patients. In replacing Obamacare, Congress must first look to the Constitution for guidance.
  • Obamacare gives bureaucrats and other unelected officials in Washington, DC too much power. The law created more than 150 new agencies, boards, and commissions made up of unelected people who are not accountable to us!
  • Obamacare’s “individual mandate” is an attack on individual liberty. The individual mandate requires all citizens to buy government-approved health insurance or pay a fine to the IRS.
  • The Senate’s reform bill must rein in – not expand! – the federal bureaucracy