Action Items This Week


For this week’s call to action, we are asking you to fully turn your attention to the election, and the orchestrated, left-wing mayhem that may follow. We will likely have similar action items over the next several weeks to ensure we get the work done that needs to be done. The more work we do ahead of the election, the less likely it is that the left will be able to sow chaos and confusion afterward, in their attempt to steal the election.

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Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund needs volunteers to send text messages; phone bank; and download, print, sign, and mail letters to voters in critical swing states. Don’t let the left steal the election! Help us turn out every Trump voter in America! Please visit the 2020 Patriot Project page for more information.

Pledge to Vote in Person

The more mail-in ballots that are used, the easier it is for the left to steal the election. It’s as simple as that. If President Trump can win on Election Day by a big enough margin, the left can’t steal the election.

The number one way we can stop this is to get as many voters to vote in person as possible. Therefore, if you are able, please sign this pledge to vote in person, and then make sure to do it!