Action Items This Week

FOR THE WEEK OF 10/26/20

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There are three ways you can help re-elect President Trump, and we only have a week left, so we need as many volunteers as we can get!

Text Messaging

  1. To get started go to:– fill out the very short form and press the “Start Texting” button! We recommend using your phone to sign up as you will be using your phone to do the text messaging.
  2. You will get a text message after you’ve signed up. Click the link on your cell phone and you’ll be moved through the process. Once you send a text to the voter, go back to your browser (on your cell phone) to send the next text.

If you need additional instructions you can look through this guide. But it is very easy to sign up and start texting voters now. You can text voters every day until 8:30pm ET.

Phone Banking & Sending Letters to Voters

If you are interested in calling voters or printing out and mailing letters to voters (the letter is pre-written, so you don’t need to write one!), please fill out this form and we will get you plugged in!

NOTE: All letters need to be sent by tomorrow, October 27th, so if you would like to send some, please get a letter packet from us and get them sent out by then.


Make sure you vote! If you can vote in person, vote in person! If you need to vote by absentee ballot, get your ballot turned in on time! If you can vote early, vote early!

While we wish voting was limited to one day as it used to be, the fact that early voting exists makes fraud easier. It opens the door to someone else voting early in your place, so if you can, vote early to make sure it is YOU who is doing the voting in your name.

Be sure to get your Trump-supporting friends and family to vote too. Text them, call them, email them, and remind them to go vote or turn in their ballots. Offer them a ride to the polls – do what you can to help them vote!