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FOR THE WEEK OF 11/23/20

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No matter what happens with the Presidential election results, the Senate majority – and our nation’s fate – hangs in the balance – both Senate seats in Georgia are going to a runoff, and some people have said that Democrats and their allies may spend $1 billion on those races!

If President Trump is able to stop the steal, but we lose the Senate, the House will most assuredly impeach again, and this time, a Democrat Senate would convict. If the corruption is insurmountable, and Joe Biden is sworn in, and we lose the Senate, the Democrats’ ability to completely transform the United States of America. They will remove the legislative filibuster, they will pack the courts, they will give statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., in order to add 4 new Democrat Senators and forever change the balance of the Senate.

This is why we need you to sign up to help Get Out The Vote for the Senate seats in Georgia. Add in the fact that Georgia is one of the hot spots of election fraud and we will need every legal vote for Sen. Perdue and Sen. Loeffler we can get. Sign up below to help, and we will be in touch soon with details, and get your friends to sign up too!