After last week’s nail biter of a vote (or non-vote as it turned out) on Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act, a.k.a. Fake Obamacare Repeal, we now have to wait and see what is going to happen on the Obamacare front. In the meantime, it is important that we keep the pressure on the Senate to confirm Neil Gorsuch as quickly as possible – just a few days ago, Sen. Schumer said that the Democrats will filibuster Judge Gorsuch’s nomination! Therefore, this week, while we take a break on Obamacare, let’s focus our energy on the Senate and Judge Gorsuch so that Justice Scalia’s seat can finally be filled by a person who will follow our Constitution.

Monday March 27th

Talking Points about Gorsuch: To help you write your letters and emails about Neil Gorsuch, talking points and facts about Gorsuch can be found at here.

  • Write your letter to your Senators about quickly confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. On Thursday, you should deliver your letters to the local offices, or email/fax if you can’t deliver.
  • Send a short email to your Senators about quickly confirming Neil Gorsuch.
  • Email information to friends and family about Neil Gorsuch, so that they are educated with the truth, rather than the narrative that the mainstream media will be trying to push all week.
  • Send any emails you need to send to help plan your Tax Day Tea Party.

Tuesday, March 28th

  • Send out our sample tweets (or your own, or both) about Gorsuch today.
  • Post on social media about your Tax Day Tea Party.

Sample Tweets

.@SenateMajLdr Americans want #NeilGorsuch confirmed immediately! Don’t let Democrats hold up his confirmation! #ConfirmGorsuch

.@SenateMajLdr it is your job to get #NeilGorsuch confirmed, so get moving! #SCOTUS #ConfirmGorsuch

.@[INSERT SENATOR’S TWITTER ID] #NeilGorsuch proved he is supremely qualified for #SCOTUS during his confirmation hearings! #ConfirmGorsuch

Democrats vow to filibuster #NeilGorsuch because he’s not their pick. Stop the partisanship & #ConfirmGorsuch! @[INSERT SENATOR’S TWITTER ID]

Sample Facebook Post

Did you see Neil Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation hearings last week? (If you’re asking, “who is Neil Gorsuch?” He’s President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court and he’s fantastic!) It’s pretty disgusting how the Democrats harassed Judge Gorsuch during his confirmation hearings, and how they’ve vowed to filibuster his nomination (i.e. try to stop it). They even admit they don’t have any real judicial reasons for opposing him; it’s all politics and partisanship – in fact, he was unanimously (that means by both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate) confirmed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006! It’s only now that they seem to hate him. Here’s the real story: Democrats are still angry about losing the election, and therefore mad about not getting to nominate Judge Scalia’s replacement. That’s it. If they were being honest, they’d admit that Neil Gorsuch is an awesome judge! He follows the Constitution, he’s impartial, he knows that his own personal views shouldn’t influence his decisions, he understands it’s not a judge’s job to make the law, he understands the balance of powers, and on and on! Like I said, he’s fantastic! I encourage you to educate yourself about Gorsuch, and don’t just rely on the mainstream media’s accounts of him. If you’d like to read about Neil Gorsuch in detail, go to and learn about him for yourself! If you want to share the truth about Neil Gorsuch, you can two things RIGHT NOW to help!

#1 – Copy and paste this post onto your own wall! Don’t just share it, that will limit who can see it. Copy and paste all of it!

#2 – Call both of your U.S. Senators and tell them you want them to confirm Neil Gorsuch! Find your Senators and their contact info here:

Wednesday, March 29th

  • Call both of your Senators and ask them where they currently stand on the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. Record their answers. Let them know you would like them to allow an up or down vote, and you want them to vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch quickly.
  • If there are any Senators that we feel should be specifically targeted with phone calls, call those on the target list. We will post a list if this becomes necessary.
  • If you need to make any phone calls to organize your Tax Day Tea Party, make them today.

Thursday, March 30th

  • Sign up to host an event on our website.
  • Deliver the letters you wrote on Monday to local district offices. If you can’t deliver them, fax or email them instead.
  • Hold a sign waving outside of one of your Senators’ local offices. Your signs should be about quickly confirming Gorsuch.

Sample Sign Messages

  • Confirm Neil Gorsuch Now!
  • Neil Gorsuch: supremely qualified for the Supreme Court!
  • Tell [INSERT SENATOR’S NAME] to vote YES to confirm Neil Gorsuch!
  • No filibuster for Neil Gorsuch!
  • Neil Gorsuch:
    • 2006-unanimously confirmed to 10th Circuit Court of Appeals
    • 2017-Democrats play politics and try to sink his nomination


  • End partisanship! Confirm Gorsuch!
  • Your constituents want you to confirm Neil Gorsuch!

Friday, March 31st

  • Submit a letter to the editor of online or print media. Today’s message is about calling on your Senators to quickly confirm Neil Gorsuch. Remember, you can find facts about Neil Gorsuch, to help your write your letter here.
  • Find an article about Neil Gorsuch on a mainstream media website and one on a conservative leaning website, and leave a comment on each about why Judge Gorsuch is supremely qualified, and a great choice for America.
  • Continue to make plans for your Tax Day Tea Party.