There is so much to do, and not a minute to waste! This is going to be a big week for us. First, Neil Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation hearings begin Monday and will likely go through Thursday. We need to do everything we can to support Judge Gorsuch during these hearings. Second, we need to keep the pressure on the GOP to get Obamacare repeal & replace right. The American Health Care Act is not a done deal yet, and it’s up to us to make sure it’s written the right way. Third, we’ve got to get our April 18th Tax Day Tea Party rallies planned and advertised! Showing up sometimes means being visible in our communities, and a tax day rally is the perfect time to be seen!

Monday March 20th

Talking Points about Gorsuch: To help you write your letters and emails about Neil Gorsuch, talking points and facts about Gorsuch can be found at here.

Talking Points about Rynocare: To help you write your email about the American Health Care Act, facts can be found at here.

  • Write your letter to your Senators about quickly confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. On Thursday, you should deliver your letters to the local offices, or email/fax if you can’t deliver.
  • Today, send a short email to your Representative about getting it right when it comes to repealing and replacing Obamacare, and to your Senators about quickly confirming Neil Gorsuch.
  • Email information to friends and family about Neil Gorsuch so that they are educated with the truth, rather than the narrative that the mainstream media will be trying to push all week.
  • If you are in D.C. for the Gorsuch hearing today, go ahead and deliver your letters about Gorsuch to your Senators while you are there.
  • Send any emails you need to send to help plan your Tax Day Tea Party.

Tuesday, March 21th

  • Post a “save the date” on social media for your Tax Day Tea Party.

Sample Tweets

.@SpeakerRyan #AHCA MUST be changed so that it truly repeals #Obamacare! #FullRepeal #KeepYourPromise

.@[INSERT REP.’S TWITTER ID] it is your job to change the #AHCA so it truly repeals #Obamacare & allows choice, affordability, & flexibility!

.@SenateMajLdr Americans want #NeilGorsuch on the Supreme Court! Please don’t let Democrats obstruct the process! #SCOTUS #ConfirmGorsuch

#NeilGorsuch is a mainstream, exceedingly qualified nominee & deserves an up or down vote! #ConfirmGorsuch #SCOTUS @SenateMajLdr

.@[INSERT SENATOR’S TWITTER ID] Everyone knows #NeilGorsuch deserves an up or down vote. He’s supremely qualified for #SCOTUS! #ConfirmGorsuch

Democrats loved #NeilGorsuch before. Any opposition to him now is purely partisan & political! #ConfirmGorsuch @[INSERT SENATOR’S TWITTER ID]

Sample Facebook Post

Happy Tuesday! To my friends and family who are wondering about Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court nominee, believe me when I say – he’s awesome! He is a mainstream judge who believes in the Constitution and the checks and balances on which our system of governance was built. He is supremely qualified, has a ton of experience, and understands the Constitution was created to protect the freedom and liberty of the people, and to keep the government from harming the people. He understands individual rights, and that a judge needs to make decisions based on the Constitution and not their own personal feelings. Don’t believe everything you hear about him from the media. Most mainstream media sources have a vested interest in seeing Gorsuch fail, and will most assuredly be repeating fake news all week. If you’d like to read about Neil Gorsuch in detail, go here [] and learn about him for yourself! If you want to share the truth about Neil Gorsuch, you can two things RIGHT NOW to help!

#1 – Copy and paste this post onto your own wall! Don’t just share it, that will limit who can see it. Copy and paste all of it!

#2 – Call both of your U.S. Senators and tell them you want them to confirm Neil Gorsuch! Find your Senators and their contact info here:

Wednesday, March 22nd

  • Call your Representative about getting Obamacare repeal & replace right.
  • Call both of your Senators and ask them where they currently stand on the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. Record their answers. Let them know you would like them to allow an up or down vote, and you want them to vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch quickly.
  • If you are in D.C. for the Gorsuch hearing today, go ahead and deliver your letters about Gorsuch to your Senators while you are there.
  • If you need to make any phone calls to organize your Tax Day Tea Party, make them today.
  • Call and tweet Freedom Caucus members and ask them to stand firm until we get the free-market reforms that voters demanding when they went to the polls in November.
Mark Meadows (NC) (202) 225-6401 @RepMarkMeadows
Justin Amash (MI) (202) 225-3831 @justinamash
Brian Babin (TX) (202) 225-1555 @RepBrianBabin
Rod Blum (IA) (202) 225-2911 @RepRodBlum
Dave Brat (VA) (202) 225-2815 @RepDaveBrat
Jim Bridenstine (OK) (202) 225-2211 @RepJBridenstine
Mo Brooks (AL) (202) 225-4801 @RepMoBrooks
Ken Buck (CO) (202) 225-4676 @RepKenBuck
Warren Davidson (OH) (202) 225-6205 @WarrenDavidson
Ron DeSantis (FL) (202) 225-2706 @repdesantis
Scott DesJarlais (TN) (202) 225-6831 @DesJarlaisTN04
Jeff Duncan (SC) (202) 225-5301 @RepJeffDuncan
Trent Franks (AZ) (202) 225-4576 @RepTrentFranks
Paul Gosar (AZ) (202) 225-2315 @RepGosar
Morgan Griffith (VA) (202) 225-3861 @RepMGriffith
Andy Harris (MD) (202) 225-5311 @RepAndyHarrisMD
Jody Hice (GA) (202) 225-4101 @CongressmanHice
Jim Jordan (OH) (202) 225-2676 @Jim_Jordan
Raúl Labrador (ID) (202) 225-6611 @Raul_Labrador
Alex Mooney (WV) (202) 225-2711 @RepAlexMooney
Gary Palmer (AL) (202) 225-4921 @USRepGaryPalmer
Steve Pearce (NM) (202) 225-2365 @RepStevePearce
Scott Perry (PA) (202) 225-5836 @RepScottPerry
Ted Poe (TX) (202) 225-6565 @JudgeTedPoe
Bill Posey (FL) (202) 225-3671 @congbillposey
Mark Sanford (SC) (202) 225-3176 @repsanfordsc
David Schweikert (AZ) (202) 225-2190 @repdavid
Randy Weber (TX) (202) 225-2831 @TXRandy14
Ted Yoho (FL) (202) 225-5744 @RepTedYoho
Joe Barton (TX) (202) 225-2002 @RepJoeBarton
Louie Gohmert (TX) (202) 225-3035 @replouiegohmert

Thursday, March 23rd

  • Sign up to host an event on our website.
  • Deliver the letters you wrote on Monday to local district offices. If you can’t deliver them, fax or email them instead.
  • Hold a sign waving outside of your Representative’s local office, or one of your Senators’ offices. If you sign wave at your Representative’s office, your signs should be about getting Obamacare repeal right. If you sign wave outside of a Senator’s office, your signs should be about quickly confirming Gorsuch.
  • If you are in D.C. for the Gorsuch hearing today, go ahead and deliver your letters about Gorsuch to your Senators while you are there.

Sample Sign Messages

  • Confirm Neil Gorsuch Now!
  • Neil Gorsuch: supremely qualified for the Supreme Court!
  • Tell [INSERT SENATOR’S NAME] to vote YES to confirm Neil Gorsuch!
  • The American Health Care Act needs serious changes so that it fully repeals Obamacare!
  • It’s past time to repeal Obamacare! Let’s get it done!
  • Tell Paul Ryan to change the American Health Care Act so it truly repeals Obamacare!

Friday, March 17th - St. Patrick's Day!

  • Submit a letter to the editor of online or print media. Today’s message is about calling on your Senators to quickly confirm Neil Gorsuch. Remember, you can find facts about Neil Gorsuch, to help your write your letter, here.
  • Find an article about Neil Gorsuch on a mainstream media website and one on a conservative leaning website, and leave a comment on each about why Judge Gorsuch is supremely qualified, and a great choice for America.
  • Continue to make plans for your Tax Day Tea Party.