Hello Patriots! A quick note about the Day of Action on March 15th: we are on the verge of watching the Republican leaders in Congress betray their campaign promises of the last 7 years, and betray our new President. President Trump promised to repeal Obamacare, and he is waiting for a REAL repeal bill, but so far, Paul Ryan hasn’t delivered. This fight may very well end up being a harder fight than the initial Obamacare battle in 2009 and 2010, Therefore, it is imperative – critical – that we display a united front and make a show of force by showing up on March 15th. This is probably our last chance to repeal Obamacare. Don’t let this moment pass you by without doing everything you possibly can do to destroy socialized medicine in America.

Monday March 13th

Today is the day to write letters about FULLY repealing Obamacare. This week, we are going to target Republican members of the House, as well as GOP congressional leaders, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. If you have a Republican Representative, please write a letter to him/her, and then if you have time, send one to Ryan and McConnell as well. If you are writing your Rep., and you are able, drop the letter off in person at the local district office. If you are writing to Republican Rep. that is not yours, or you can’t make it to the office, email or fax the letters. There are sample talking points below to help you write your letters.

Sample Talking Points

  • Keep your promise to FULLY repeal Obamacare – root and branch. No more political stunts or political theater. It’s time to pass FULL repeal as the GOP promised for seven years, and states in their most recent party platform.
  • The excuses that are being given regarding why the GOP can’t pass a full repeal bill right now are demonstrably false. (See this article.)
  • The GOP promised to do two things: repeal Obamacare and lower premiums. Paul Ryan’s bill does neither.
  • The CBO has repeatedly said that when you get rid of federal control over key elements that the prices will drop and therefore more people will actually get health care.
  • #FullRepeal means putting the “affordable” back into health care. The more people that can actually afford health insurance, the more people will actually be covered.
  • Ryancare does NOT repeal the parts of Obamacare that caused premium prices to skyrocket. Insurance will still be too expensive for individuals and families, and the funding and bailouts of the collapsing system will still bankrupt this country.
  • Obamacare is collapsing. As it is written now, Ryancare will only hasten the collapse, which will, in the end, bring about single payer health care, which is what the left has wanted all along.
  • Paul Ryan’s bill has lobbyist fingerprints all over it. It maintains the government sponsored monopoly so that pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and organizations like the American Medical Association (who make big bucks off of regulations) and the Chamber of Commerce, have a constant stream of income they never have to work for by providing a good product or good customer service.
  • Lobbyists’ biggest problem with Obamacare was that it was a partisan issue. With Ryancare, the GOP will also own the health care system and all its problems, so they too will then be compelled to forever protect the bloated, unworkable system, just like Democrats.
  • Far from draining the swamp, Paul Ryan’s bill will allow the swamp to fester and grow.

Send a Post Card to POTUS on March 16, 2017

Patriots around the country are gearing up to send a post card to the President on March 16, 2017, letting him know that we have his back. Please consider joining in by printing this postcard on cardstock and mailing it on March 16. This idea was kicked off by a tea party leader in North West Indiana and patriots across the country are joining in as well.

Tuesday, March 14th

Today we will use social media to demand that our elected officials in D.C. FULLY repeal Obamacare. It is critical that we take social media by storm to demand #FullRepeal, and it’s especially important to do this if any of your members of Congress are Republicans. What we have learned about Paul Ryan’s fake repeal bill over the last 48 hours will make your head explode. The Swamp™ is doing all that it can to tear apart President Trump’s agenda and his Contract with the American Voter. President Trump wants a full repeal bill, and it’s up to us to put pressure to the Republicans in Congress to deliver it to President Trump. Our message is clear: repeal ALL of Obamacare NOW and find a replacement afterward. 

  • .@SpeakerRyan Your bill is a gift to lobbyists, pharma, ins. Companies, AMA, & Chamber of Commerce, but the people want #FullRepeal!
  • #Obamacare is already collapsing but @SpeakerRyan’s bill will collapse the system faster & lead to single payer. #FullRepeal
  • Community rating, guaranteed issue, subsidies… @SpeakerRyan’s bill retains most of the same pieces as Obamacare & WE will pay higher prices because of it!
  • #GOP platform states unequivocally that we must have #FullRepeal & that entirety of #Obamacare is toxic & must go! #KeepYourPromises
  • .@SpeakerRyan your bill keeps the regulations that drive up costs! You must pass #FullRepeal so that health care is affordable! #Obamacare
  • .@SenateMajLdr At CPAC in 2013, you promised to repeal #Obamacare #RootAndBranch. #KeepYourPromise #FullRepeal
  • Americans need flexible & inexpensive insurance #KeepYourPromise #FullRepeal #NoExcuses @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr
  • .@SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr You have a chance to do the right thing for the future of our nation. Please choose #FullRepeal! #OurChildrenAreWatching

Wednesday, March 15th - DAY OF ACTION IN DC!

Today we gather in D.C. together for a Day of Action with our friends at FreedomWorks. RSVP and find details here. We will rally and then hand-deliver letters to our elected officials in Congress! If you cannot make this event, please make calls to your Representatives in the House to remind them that they MUST repeal ALL of Obamacare immediately and worry about replacement later. They’ve promised us for seven years, since it was signed into law, that they would repeal it asap once they had the House, the Senate, and the White House. We also need to call both of our Senators to remind them to repeal Obamacare as well, and to confirm Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court immediately. Sample call script coming soon.

Thursday, March 16th

If you attended the Day of Action yesterday, take today to make your phone calls to follow up with your members of Congress whom you visited the day before. Call them and let them know you were there, and that you are following up about the letter you delivered. You can also reiterate your demand that Obamacare is FULLY repealed. If you weren’t able to go to D.C., today you can get out on the street in support of #FullRepeal. Grab your flag and signs, and get out to a busy intersection or on an overpass, and sign wave for FULLY repealing Obamacare. You can find sample sign messages below.

  • Hey GOP! Keep your promises & FULLY repeal Obamacare!
  • Obamacare has destroyed health care and lives. It’s time for #FullRepeal!
  • Repeal ALL of Obamacare NOW! Replace after repeal!
  • No FAKE repeal! We want real and FULL repeal NOW! #Obamacare
  • I support President Trump’s promise to FULLY repeal Obamacare!

Friday, March 17th - St. Patrick's Day!

Today we are asking you to write a letter to the editor with your story about why Obamacare should be repealed, and/or your reasons for being involved with the tea party movement. If you don’t have a personal story to use, then remind people why Obamacare is so bad and needs to be repealed and how we can replace it with something so much better! We also need to educate our fellow Americans – and especially fellow conservatives – about why Paul Ryan’s “repeal” bill is fake repeal, and will actually make things worse, so that we can all put pressure on Congress to change the fake repeal bill into a real repeal bill. It’s St. Patrick’s Day as well, so have fun with it if you feel like it! Sample talking points coming soon.