This week we are focusing on tax reform. Tax reform is a HUGE issue that is going to require a lot activism from the grassroots. The current tax system complicated, unfair, and overbearing to so many Americans. It’s also how politicians and their cronies enrich themselves and gain power. Do you think they will give this system up without a fight? The tax system is perhaps the most entrenched system, and it is going to be very difficult to get what we want. So it is vital that we begin to lay the groundwork now. See below for daily actions that you, your friends, and your family can take to push for tax reform.

Tuesday, April 18th - TAX DAY TEA PARTIES!

  • Send out our sample tweets (or your own, or both) to your Representative and Senators expressing your support for President Trump’s tax reform.
  • Post our sample Facebook post.
  • Tweet about (and during) your Tax Day Tea Party if you are hosting or attending one, and do the same on Facebook!
  • Have a great Tax Day Tea Party, and copy us on tweets with pictures from your rally!

Sample Tweets
.@[INSERT REPRESENTATIVE’S TWITTER ID] I support @realDonaldTrump’s tax reform to simplify the tax code! #fairer #flatter #simpler
.@[INSERT SENATOR #1 TWITTER ID] Please support @realDonaldTrump’s tax reform efforts! My family needs relief! #fairer #flatter #simpler
.@[INSERT SENATOR #2 TWITTER ID] Please support @realDonaldTrump’s efforts to reform the tax code! We need economic growth! #fairer #flatter #simpler

Sample Facebook Post
If you’re like me, you think the tax code is way too complex, causes too much stress, takes too much time, and too much of your hard earned money. And, if you’re like me, then you want a tax code that is fairer, flatter, and simpler. The only way that is going to happen is to support President Trump’s tax reform efforts. Think about it, the tax code is built to reward “the swamp” in D.C. and all their cronies. It breeds corruption, and it penalizes regular Americans who just want to earn/keep more and improve their lives. Our tax system also rewards big government and all the unconstitutional and wasteful programs that Democrats love to fund. So we need a FAIRER, FLATTER, SIMPLER tax code, and we need to start pushing for it now because the factions that want to keep the current system will stop at nothing to prevent us from making changes. If you care about this issue and agree, you can do a few things starting today. First, go to the Tea Party Patriots action page [] where you can find daily action items to support President Trump’s tax reform efforts. Second, please copy and paste this post onto your own wall! Don’t just share it, that will limit who can see it. Copy and paste it all! Thank you!

Wednesday, April 19th

Today, please call your Representative and both of your Senators to express your support for President Trump’s tax reform efforts! See below for points you can make when you call.

  • Too many Americans are suffering under a tax code that is too complex and cumbersome that can only be understood with legions of lawyers.
  • The tax code penalizes Americans for wanting to earn more and improve their lives, and this must stop.
  • The vast majority of Americans want a tax system that is fairer, flatter, and simpler.
  • Americans do not want little trims and tweaks around the edges. We want bold, dramatic changes that will truly help our families.
  • It’s not just families that are suffering, but it’s also businesses, and particularly small businesses. Many people have a dream of owning and running their own business, but in the end, cannot overcome the barriers created by the tax system and the regulations imposed by government.
  • It’s time for drastic reform of our tax system, and it’s time for the tax code to work for the people instead of the government and their cronies.

Thursday, April 20th

Sign up to host an event on our website.

Hold a sign waving event outside of a Representative or Senator’s local office or at a busy intersection. Your signs should express support for President Trump’s tax reform, and a fairer, flatter, simpler tax code.

Sample Sign Messages

  • Americans want bold tax reform!
  • We want a fairer, flatter, simpler tax code!
  • Stop penalizing Americans for wanting to earn & keep more money, & improve our lives!
  • Drain the swamp! We support President Trump’s tax reforms!
  • Americans want: low taxes, economic growth, and freedom!
  • Show your support for small businesses by supporting President Trump’s tax reforms!

Friday, April 21st

  • Submit a letter to the editor of online or print media. Today’s message is about supporting President Trump’s tax reforms. Use the talking points from Monday and Wednesday to craft your letter, to explain to your fellow Americans why these tax reforms are so necessary.
  • Find an article about tax reform online and leave a comment supporting President Trump’s tax reforms.