Action Items for this Week: Sept 24 – Sept 28



As we discussed, the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh must be confronted and defeated. There are three priority actions we are asking you to take this week. This is one of those calls to action that could change the course of the country, and we don’t ask them lightly. Make sure to visit our Kavanaugh hub page for more ways to get involved.

There are three priority RED ALERT actions that we are asking you to take, for the sake of the Supreme Court, but also for the sake of our Constitution and our country.

  1. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask to be transferred to your Senators’ offices and tell them they MUST vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Tell them that if they don’t confirm Brett Kavanaugh, then they are confirming the politics of smear and character assassination. More talking points can be found below and on our Kavanaugh hub page.
  2. Sign up to Get Out The Vote using our texting system. It is super easy, and you just text from your smart phone. Holding the House and the Senate is more important than ever now that the Democrats are willing to destroy an innocent man and blow up the Supreme Court confirmation process just to retain their power. They have even started whispering that they will impeach Brett Kavanaugh, should he be confirmed, if they take the House in November. Most of us easily send hundreds of texts in our personal lives every week. Can you spend a few minutes a day sending some text messages to key voters in areas that are critical to keep this November?

    Concerned Women for America Rally
    What: Rally for Judge Kavanaugh
    Where: At the park behind the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill
    Date: Thursday, September 27, 2018
    Time: 8:30am

    We know that it can be a heavy lift to ask you to come to D.C., but again, there are times when we have to put everything aside and show up. Remember, when we show up, we win; we win, and that means our country wins.

At Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, we are 100% fired up for this must-win election season, and know you are, too! To help you engage directly in the races that matter most to you, we are launching a new peer-to-peer texting system. At this point, texting voters is a technique used almost exclusively by liberal organizations; we are, in fact, one of the only conservative organizations ready to launch a GOTV texting app. If you signed up to volunteer, watch your inbox for individual emails with more details.

If you did not sign up to volunteer, fill out this form to do so.

Please join us THIS WEDNESDAY on Capitol Hill for FreedomWorks’ Rally for the Republic. Jenny Beth Martin will be a featured speaker, along with Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan and Senator Rand Paul. This is our chance to take a firm stand for Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker of the House, and to show our support for Brett Kavanaugh. RSVP if you can join us.

Finally, if you have not done so already, please take a moment to sign our petition on viewpoint discrimination. Help us send a message to Congress that we believe too much power in the hands of giant media conglomerates is not in our nation’s best interest. We will be sending this petition to Congress by the end of the month, so please be sure to sign it today.


  • The bottom line is this: Confirm Brett Kavanaugh, or you will be confirming the politics of smear and character assassination.
  • In America, we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. Period. There is zero evidence or corroboration to support these allegations, and an avalanche of evidence that proves Judge Kavanaugh is an upstanding, good, kind, and just man.
  • Judge Kavanaugh has been ready to testify under oath since the day the allegation was made. He looks forward to the hearing where he can clear his name of this false allegation.
  • Judge Kavanaugh has categorically and unequivocally denied this allegation. He has repeatedly stated he was not at the party described by Ms. Ford and has never treated any woman in this way.
  • All three people, in addition to Judge Kavanaugh, Ms. Ford alleged to have been present at the party have said they have no recollection of the incident or even the party. One of the people is a lifelong friend of Ms. Ford’s who said she does not know Judge Kavanaugh at all; the other two people were friends with Judge Kavanaugh and said they never saw him act this way towards anyone.
  • On Friday, close to 100 women who personally know Judge Kavanaugh held an #IStandWithBrett press conference in Washington, DC voicing support for him and speaking about his impeccable treatment of women. The women ranged from past high school girlfriends, former staff, and past and present colleagues. Numerous letters have been submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee from these women and others speaking to his unfailing respect and advocacy for women as friend, judge, boss, professor, and colleague.
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee has continued to accommodate the demands of Ms. Ford while Judge Kavanaugh has been repeatedly made to wait to publicly clear his name before the Committee and the American people.
  • Judge Kavanaugh and his family are facing death threats and relentless harassment. They deserve a quick resolution.
  • The New Yorker published new allegations against Judge Kavanaugh despite the fact that it and the New York Times found zero evidence or first-hand corroborations.
  • Ronan Farrow, one of the authors of the article, admitted there has been no eyewitness confirmation Debby Ramirez’s allegations.
  • Jane Mayer, one of the authors of the article, admitted that their only corroborating witness did not actually see anything happen and heard the story second-hand.
  • Even the accuser’s best friend at the time said she had never heard of the allegation from her or from anyone else at school.
  • The accuser was originally unsure if Kavanaugh was even responsible and only came forward after talking with a lawyer recommended by Senate Democrats for six days.
  • As the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote, this is the terrifying new standard radical Democrats are using to force Judge Kavanaugh to prove he is innocent, without any evidence to prove he is guilty.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham calls this “the total collapse of the traditional confirmation process” being replaced with “wholesale character assassination.”
  • Democrat Senators Coons, Durbin, Gillibrand, Hirono, and Peters all called for a Senate hearing to allow Christine Blasey Ford to testify about her accusations. The Republicans agreed, and within two days, each and every one of the Democrats listed here rescinded their call for a Senate hearing and in messaging collusion, instead demanded a full FBI investigation. They did this knowing that this isn’t a matter for the FBI to investigate.
  • Sen. Feinstein sat on the first allegation for two months, through 30 hours of testimony and private meetings where she could have respected Dr. Ford’s request for anonymity and respected Judge Kavanaugh’s due process rights


  • The Senate Judiciary Committee and FBI have said the Committee is the proper venue for this accusation. The Committee is already engaged in fact-finding that Democrats won’t participate in.
    • The Department of Justice noted: “The FBI does not make any judgment about the credibility or significance of any allegation. The purpose of a background investigation is to determine whether the nominee could pose a risk to the national security of the United States. The allegation does not involve any potential federal crime. The FBI’s role in such matters is to provide information for the use of the decision makers.”
    • Chairman Grassley said, “The FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh is closed. . . . The FBI is not doing any further investigation.”
  • Since the moment his nomination was announced, Judge Kavanaugh has provided answers to the questions the Senate Judiciary Committee asked.
  • More documents from Judge Kavanaugh’s twenty-five years of public service were provided to the Committee than any previous nominee in American history. Over a two-month period, Judge Kavanaugh met with 65 senators individually, had two joint phone calls with Committee members, underwent more than 30 hours of public hearings, submitted written answers to more than 1300 written questions that were submitted after the hearings, and attended a closed session for all committee members where they were free to discuss with Judge Kavanaugh any issue of concern, including sensitive and confidential topics.
  • Judge Kavanaugh underwent a FBI background check, the results of which were submitted to the committee. This allegation or anything like it did not come up in this background check nor in the five previous checks he has undergone since 1993.
  • Throughout this thorough and comprehensive vetting process, this allegation was never raised once by any Committee member, despite Senator Feinstein possessing a letter with the allegation since July. Instead, she chose to release this false information after the vetting process and on the eve of his confirmation.
  • Senator Schumer promised to ‘oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have,’ and it appears he is delivering with this 11th hour attempt to delay his confirmation by leading a false campaign to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation.