Action Items This Week


With the news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, and the now-open Supreme Court seat, we now face an explosive new challenge, just over 40 days from the election.

Therefore, we have two main areas of action this week. The first one relates to the Supreme Court seat, and the second relates to the election.

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U.S. Supreme Court

Call your Republican Senator About the Supreme Court

If you have a Republican Senator or two, you need to call them this week and tell them to support President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court and vote yes. This is their Constitutional duty and it is why the voters elected them. Tell them to stay strong and to fill the seat now, before the election!

If you don’t know your Senator’s phone number, you can use the Capitol Switchboard number. Simply call (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Senator by name and you will be connected. If you need to look up the name and party of your Senators, use the map on this page. Just click on your state and it will show you your Senators.

Sign Up to be a Poll Worker OR Volunteer to be a Babysitter

Babysitter? Yes, more on that in a moment.

It is not hyperbole to say that there really is a drastic shortage of poll workers. With all of the fraud and efforts to steal the election from the left, it is critical that Trump supporters fill those poll worker positions.

Also, with many schools still closed or only virtual:

  • Teenagers can sign up if they meet the eligibility requirements! In some states, 16-year-olds can sign up, and they can get paid!
  • Parents who would have been able to sign up as poll workers may not be able to do so. If you are unable to be a poll worker, but are able to watch the kids for your friends or family so that they can be poll workers, please consider offering yourself as the babysitter!

Note that NOW is the time to be signing up because there are usually trainings that you must be able to go through, and there will be deadlines for completing those trainings.

Use our very short how-to guide to help you figure out the process of signing up, and get yourself, your teen, and your friends signed up!

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again – Week of September 21ST

Keep an eye out every week for a new activity or book or lesson to bring real civics back to our children.

This week, we are referring you to the newly launched 1776 Unites Curriculum that Civil Rights leader Bob Woodson and others just released last week. Their goal is to counter the deceitful and divisive “1619 Project” from the New York Times.

Currently, the “1619 Project” curriculum has infiltrated over 4,500 schools across the country. 1776 Unites began as a response to the “1619 Project” and have been providing commentary and op-eds for months. Now, they have launched a fantastic high school curriculum as well; their K-8 curriculum modules are coming soon.

We encourage you to sign up (it’s FREE!) to get the modules if you have a high schooler, as well as pushing your local schools to adopt the modules. Here’s a short description of the curriculum:

The 1776 Unites curriculum offers authentic, inspiring stories from American history that show what is best in our national character and what our freedom makes possible even in the most difficult circumstances. 1776 Unites maintains a special focus on stories that celebrate black excellence, reject victimhood culture, and showcase African-Americans who have prospered by embracing America’s founding ideals.

Get the free curriculum.

Read more about the curriculum.