Action Items This Week



For this week’s call to action, it’s time to ramp up Get Out The Vote activities; sign up to become a poll worker; take the In-Person Voting Pledge; keep the pressure on the CDC to change their quarantine guidelines; and a new Civics Lesson!

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Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund volunteers and donors have worked hard to make our 2020 Patriot Project a fantastic success so far. We are sending hundreds of thousands of postcards to “first time in forever” Trump voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The postcard portion of the 2020 Patriot Project is winding down, and we now need volunteers to send text messages; phone bank; and download, print, sign, and mail letters to voters in critical swing states.

It is CRUCIAL that we get as many Trump voters out to vote as possible, to overcome the fraud and intent to steal the election that the left is broadcasting as clearly as they can.

Please sign up today to volunteer for our Get Out The Vote activities, and get your friends to sign up too!

Sign Up to be a Poll Worker

America is in dire need of poll workers for the election. If there are not enough poll workers, it is more likely that people will use mail-in ballots, which increases chances of fraud.

We created a very short how-to guide to help you figure out the process of signing up. Please look through the guide, sign up locally to be poll worker, and then get all of your friends to do the same!

Pledge to Vote in Person

Speaking of election fraud… the left is waging an all-out information war, trying to convince people and elected officials that only mail-in ballots should be used this year. They understand that the more mail-in ballots that are used, the easier it is for them to steal the election.

We need everyone that is able to pledge to vote in person this November, if possible.

NOTE: If you are high-risk and need to stay away from public places for your health, or you live in a state where there is no in-person voting at all (like Washington state), this does not apply to you.

If you can, take the Pledge to Vote in Person, and then make sure you get as many other Trump voters as you can to sign the pledge as well.

help REopen schools and the country

If you weren’t able to do the action items last week, or you weren’t able to finish, please look through the daily action items from last week, and take at least one action to change the CDC quarantine guidelines. Make sure to also sign and share our letter about changing the CDC’s crazy guidelines if you haven’t already.

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again – Week of September 14th

Keep an eye out every week for a new activity or book or lesson to bring real civics back to our children.

This week, we are studying the famous quote from Founding Father John Adams, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

First, read the following, together, as a family.

Read the full letter written by John Adams that contains this famous quote.

Read “Faith and reason are mutually reinforcing,” a speech given by Justice Clarence Thomas at the Hillsdale College dedication of their new Christ Chapel in 2019. The entire speech is worthwhile. Note these passages in particular, but do read the entire speech. It’s not long, and it is excellent.

“The construction of so grand a chapel in 2019 does not happen by accident or as an afterthought. Christ Chapel reflects the College’s conviction that a vibrant intellectual environment and a strong democratic society are fostered, not hindered, by a recognition of the Divine.”

“Our country was founded on the view that a correct understanding of the nature of God and the human person is critical to preserving the liberty that we so enjoy.”

“John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” He recognized that the preservation of liberty is not guaranteed. Without the guardrails supplied by religious conviction, popular sovereignty can devolve into mob rule, unmoored from any conception of objective truth.”

Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss what John Adams meant when he stated that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
  2. How do Justice Thomas’ comments elaborate on the John Adams’ quote?
  3. How is this concept relevant in today’s world?