Action Items This Week


The left is going all out to stop Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and to lie, cheat, and steal their way into the White House. We have very little time to fight them, so please do all that you can this week!

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U.S. Supreme Court

Weekly Sign Waving Events – Plan them now!
Please organize sign/flag waving events now and get them on people’s calendars now. If you live near a local Senate office, hold the event outside of the office. If you don’t live near one, hold the event at a busy intersection or another location where there is a lot of traffic going by.

Themes: Confirm Amy, pro-Trump, pro-America, etc.

  • Thursday, October 8th – Day after VP debate
  • Monday, October 12th – The first day of Judge Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearing
  • Thursday, October 15th – The second presidential debate is scheduled
  • Thursday, October 22nd
  • Monday, November 2nd – Day before Election Day


Amy Coney Barrett Sign Messages

Fill the Seat Now!
Confirm Amy Coney Barrett now!
Amy Coney Barrett loves the Constitution! Fill the Seat Now!
America supports Amy Coney Barrett!

Call your Senators About the Supreme Court (Different messages for R’s & D’s)
To call your Senators, no matter the party, simply dial (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Senator by name and you will be connected. Look up the name and party of your Senators on this page. Just click on your state and it will show you your Senators.

  • Call your Republican Senator(s) and tell them to Fill the Seat Now, before the election. Tell them to stay strong against the attacks from the left, and that the American people will have their backs.
  • Call your Democrat Senator(s) and tell them to meet with Amy Coney Barrett. Right now, Democrats are refusing to even meet with her. This is unacceptable.

Sign up for our Supreme Court Action Coalition Group
If you received an email last week with a notice that we are reactivating the Trump Defense Team/Fight Impeachment group, then you are already on this email list. If you didn’t receive that email, then you will want to make sure you get signed up for the coalition group that will work to support President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. You will receive emails with messaging, news, action items, and more that are specific to this Supreme Court seat fight. Sign up here.

Sign Up to be a Poll Worker OR Help Someone Else Sign Up

There is still a drastic shortage of poll workers. Use our very short How-To Guide to help you figure out if you are eligible and how to sign up.

Note that NOW is the time to be signing up because there are usually trainings that you must be able to go through, and there will be deadlines for completing those trainings.

Also, in many states, teens can sign up to be poll workers and get paid. And, if you can’t work for health or other reasons, see if you can watch someone else’s kids while they work!

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again – Week of October 5th

Keep an eye out every week for a new activity or book or lesson to bring real civics back to our children.

This week, we are taking a look at the Founders’ thoughts on the judiciary and the concept of “judicial supremacy.” As we are, yet again, in a Supreme Court seat battle, we thought it was a good time to learn about the Founders’ intents when it came to the courts.

With your family, read through this report from The Heritage Foundation, titled, “Against Judicial Supremacy: The Founders and the Limits on the Courts.”

Here is the summary of the report:

Americans’ contemporary understanding of judicial power is inconsistent with the argument put forward by Hamilton and Madison in The Federalist. Although The Federalist affirms the power of judicial review—and hence the role of the judiciary as a check on the other branches—it does not present this as the first or most important function of the courts. Moreover, The Federalist does not support the vast implications of judicial review as including a power to decide the great moral issues of the times and to adjust the Constitution to trends in public opinion. Finally, The Federalist lends no aid to the belief that the Supreme Court is the ultimate interpreter of constitutional meaning, unanswerable for its interpretations to any authority but itself.

While it remains important – critical, even – to confirm originalist, constitutionalist judges to all levels of the judiciary, it is equally important that we understand and teach our kids and grandkids about the role that the Founders actually intended for the judiciary.

Turn the “key takeaways” at the start of the report into questions to discuss as a family:

  1. How was The Federalist’s understanding of the judicial power significantly more circumscribed than is understood by many Americans today?
  2. Why is this original account of judicial power more consistent with republican self-government and the sovereignty of the American people?
  3. Discuss the idea that Congress may rightly discipline the judiciary by impeaching and removing from office judges who abuse the judicial power, and how that would affect the future of the American experiment.