Action Items This Week

FOR THE WEEK OF 10/12/20


There are opportunities for action this week on the Supreme Court fight and the election. And, early voting has started in many places, so we have no time to lose!

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**PRIORITY #1** Call your Senators About the Supreme Court

This is a top priority action item this week! Call your Senators and tell them that Judge Barrett deserves a fair hearing and urge them to vote yes to confirm her now, without delay.

Sample Script

Hi, my name is [Your Name], and I live in [City, State]. I’m calling to urge the Senator to support Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and to confirm her quickly, without delay. Thank you!

To call your Senators, no matter the party, simply dial (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Senator by name and you will be connected. If you need to look up the names of your Senators, use the map on this page. Just click on your state and it will show you your Senators.

**PRIORITY #2** Share the Support Amy Hub Page & Petition

Our hub page to support Amy Coney Barrett has launched and it’s full of resources to help you support Judge Barrett. Sign the petition, read about Judge Barrett, and more – and then share the link on social media and over email!

Weekly Sign Waving Events – Plan them now!

The sign waving event for today, Monday, October 12th, if possible, should be located outside or near your Senator(s) local office(s), and have a “Confirm Amy” theme. If you aren’t close enough to drive to the local Senate office, hold your sign waving event at a busy intersection in your community.

See the suggested sign messages below, and watch out for updates on themes and messaging. If you organize any events, email us the details (date, time, location, and contact information we can list), and we can send an email to people in your area to help you spread the word. Email us at

  • Monday, October 12thThe first day of Judge Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearing
  • Thursday, October 15thThe second presidential debate is scheduled
  • Thursday, October 22nd
  • Monday, November 2ndDay before Election Day

Amy Coney Barrett Sign Messages

Fill the Seat Now!
Confirm Amy Coney Barrett now!
Amy Coney Barrett loves the Constitution! Fill the Seat Now!
America supports Amy Coney Barrett!

Sign up for our Supreme Court Action Coalition Group
If you received an email last week with a notice that we are reactivating the Trump Defense Team/Fight Impeachment group, then you are already on this email list. If you didn’t receive that email, then you will want to make sure you get signed up for the coalition group that will work to support President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. You will receive emails with messaging, news, action items, and more that are specific to this Supreme Court seat fight. Sign up here.

Sign Up to be a Poll Worker – Deadlines Approaching

The deadlines in some states or counties may have passed, but in some places there is still time to sign up. Use our very short guide to help you figure out if you can still sign up to be a poll worker. There is still a shortage, so if you are able, please sign up!

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again – Week of October 12th

Keep an eye out every week for a new activity or book or lesson to bring real civics back to our children.

This week, we are reading (or listening, your choice) to President Reagan’s Farewell Address. You can find the audio and download the text of the speech here. After you read/listen to the speech with your kids or grandkids, use the following questions to start a discussion with your family.

Discussion Questions

  1. In his speech, President Reagan said, “…that's what it was to be an American in the 1980's. We stood, again, for freedom. I know we always have, but in the past few years the world again -- and in a way, we ourselves -- rediscovered it.” Do you think this statement could apply to America right now? How so?
  2. What else did President Reagan say that reminds you of what’s happened in America over the last four years?
  3. President Reagan also said in this speech, “The lesson of all this was, of course, that because we're a great nation, our challenges seem complex. It will always be this way. But as long as we remember our first principles and believe in ourselves, the future will always be ours.” What are the “first principles” he mentions?
  4. “Almost all the world's constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are. Our Constitution is a document in which `We the People' tell the government what it is allowed to do.” Discuss this difference and what that means for America.
  5. Discuss President Reagan’s warning about teaching history to American children, and about the importance of an “informed patriotism.” How have things changed or stayed the same since he issued this warning? What can we do about it?