Action Items This Week


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Sign & Share the ‘Hold the Nine’ Petition to Oppose Court Packing

If you haven’t yet, please sign and share our petition to oppose the left’s efforts to pack the Supreme Court. Now that Judge Barrett is Justice Barrett, the next fight on the horizon is protecting the Supreme Court and our constitutional liberties.

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again – Week of NOVEMBER 2ND

Keep an eye out every week for a new activity or book or lesson to bring real civics back to our children.

This week, we are continuing last week’s lesson about voting. If you didn’t vote last week, and you are able, take your kids or grandkids with you when you vote or show them your ballot at home.  

Last week, we recommended this article/report from The Heritage Foundation, “Preventing ‘The Tyranny of the Majority’” to help you in your discussion with your kids and grandkids about our voting system. Depend on their ages, you might need to read it and distill the ideas into something simpler, or if they’re older, you can both read it and then discuss.

We also recommended talking about honesty and integrity and why it is so important to make sure our elections are fair and honest. This discussion may be especially important if your children or grandchildren are in public schools where teachers or other students are promoting universal mail-in ballots. You’ll want to make sure that your children understand why universal mail-in ballots are such a grave threat to our republic. This is a great PragerU video on universal mail-in voting that could help you build a firm foundation about election integrity with your kids or grandkids.