This Week's Action Items

There are now 36 million unemployed private-sector Americans, while the government class sits at home collecting paychecks, uninterrupted. At the same time, Nancy Pelosi wants to spend over $3 TRILLION that we do not have – and not to solve the crisis, but to implement the radical, left-wing policies that Democrats have been trying to achieve for decades.

We must act TODAY.

National Day of Action: Call Your Governor!

Call your Governor on Tuesday, May 19th, as part of a nationwide call to action to express one of the following messages:

  • If your Governor has begun reopening the state, call to say thank you!
  • If your Governor is maintaining the lockdowns, call to say it’s time to reopen!

Fill Out Our Survey

Please fill out this survey about good stories and successes that are happening in your area, such as businesses reopening, people going back to work, etc.

Call Your Senators

Tell your Senators to stand firm against any version of Pelosi’s bill in the Senate. Share the following messages with them as well:

  • No more spending
  • No state bailouts
  • Yes on a payroll tax holiday

Sign Our Petition

Sign this petition urging President Trump to support legislation to cut the pay of government employees by 20% during this crisis, so that bureaucrats and elected officials are not insulated from the consequences of the decisions they are forcing on everyone else.

Fill Out and Share Our COVID-19 Quiz

Don’t forget to share our COVID-19 quiz! Our hope is that this quiz will help ease people’s fears and reopen our communities!

Sign Up for Our Great American Reopening Coalition

If you haven’t yet signed up for updates from our Great American Reopening group, you can sign up here. You’ll get access to new action items, news, and other information about reopening that we don’t send out through our regular email list.

Fill Out Our Survey

Please fill out this survey about how the lockdowns are affecting you.


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