Action Items for this Week: March 26 – March 30



Please take the following actions this week:
  1. Take this survey to tell that you agree with the goals and are still in the fight.
  2. Make 5 calls to thank these Republicans who voted no on omnibus. Drop a few of them a handwritten note. They stood for our values.
  3. Volunteer to make calls or write letters for Chip Roy in Texas. We made 57,000 calls for him before the primary. We need to make 2 more rounds of that many calls before his runoff on May 22, and we need to get that many letters addressed to voters in his district asking them to vote for him.
  4. Now that the omnibus is over, watch as we begin to roll out endorsements in earnest. We will need your help to elect each of the candidates. If we send a survey asking you if you want us to endorse in your area, then please fill it out quickly.
  5. Use social media to thank others for their efforts to pressure Congress to do the right thing on the spending bill. Many worked hard to keep this bill from being even worse than it was, and they deserve our thanks. Let them know you appreciate them and their efforts.
  6. Finally, let us know your volunteer preferences (if you have not done so already) so we can connect the get out the vote call to action with your volunteer preferences.

Last Week

We are looking to get feedback from parents, grandparents, and teachers regarding the school walkouts that took place last week. Please fill out our feedback form.

If you not already, please give us your thoughts on our goals for 2018.

We created a special action page for our endorsement: Chip Roy for Congress in Texas’ 21st District. The primary run-off is May 22nd, so please visit to find out how you can help Chip win the nomination on Tuesday!

Last week’s media:

The Washington Times: Making America’s patent system great again

The Hill: Moving Mike Pompeo to State Department is good for America