This Week's Action Items

First and foremost, keep praying!

Second, this week, we are fighting back against the left’s attempt to exploit the COVID-19 crisis to win elections. It’s really unfortunate that we even have to think about combatting political lies right now, but it is the reality that faces us.

So, how do you help with this? Please share news articles that you come across that combat the false narrative the left is pushing about President Trump (they are trying to say he didn’t act quickly enough), and share articles about how bureaucracy and big government slows down responses in a crisis (as well as in normal times!).

To get you started, if you are on social media, retweet this tweet thread from the Tea Party Patriots account that lists out, in extreme detail, the steps that President Trump took from as early as January, when Democrats were focused on impeachment and calling President Trump’s actions to slow the spread of the virus, “racist.” If you are not on social media, email the link to this tweet thread to your friends and family.