Action Items for this Week: June 11 – June 15



As we look ahead to the next week, there are several calls to action:

Even thought the Senate is planning to truncate its August recess, we need to keep the pressure up so the Senate actually does its work during this extended time in Washington. Additionally, we need to make sure the House of Representatives does its work on the appropriations bills before breaking for August recess. If you have not done so already, please sign our pledge and join our Make Congress Work Again Coalition.

Congress has a responsibility to pass the spending bills necessary to fund the government’s functions, and the Senate must get caught up on its job of confirming President Trump’s vital nominees to the judiciary and the executive branch. These are basic duties of Congress. We are encouraged that the Senate is planning to shorten the August recess, but that alone is not enough. We also need to make sure that August is a productive month for Congress!

Next, we need to keep the pressure on the House of Representatives so we do not end up with an “amnesty first, border security later” immigration deal. As we have noted in the past, amnesty for illegal immigrants is a terrible idea, and it erodes our nation’s rule of law. We must continue to let Congress know that our viewpoint on this issue has not changed.

Also, it is important to remember that it was our grassroots efforts back in 2013 that helped put a decisive end to the Gang of Eight amnesty bill in the Senate. We need to mount the same grassroots opposition to this new amnesty proposal. Every member of the U.S. House of Representatives must hear from us this week.

Please join us again to defeat amnesty. A quick call to your U.S. representative will make a big difference. You can reach the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121, and then ask to be transferred to your representative’s office. We have included talking points below to help guide that call.

With Paul Ryan retiring at the end of this year, the race is on for the Speakership in the House of Representatives. Conservatives have a rare opportunity to influence the GOP members and encourage them to elect someone who shares our core values. Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio is our top choice for Speaker, and I hope you will join us in supporting him.

Also, please place a call to your representative. You can reach the Capitol Switchboard operator at 202.224.3121, and ask to be transferred to your representative.

Finally, there is still time to vote for Mark Levin to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.Mark Levin has been a friend of our movement, and one of the most important voices championing the Constitution and individual liberty. Please be sure to cast your vote before June 18th.

Details are available at this website. You may cast your vote on that website or by sending a text message with the code 500 to 96000. (Message and data charges may apply.)


  • The American people want a secure border and an “America first” immigration policy, and we want our nation’s immigration laws respected.
  • Congress must say NO to amnesty for illegal immigrants.
  • The Rule of Law is too important to ignore. Amnesty proposals undermine the Rule of Law in this country.
  • Americans want to see stronger assurances that our nation is prioritizing border security — not amnesty.
  • For too long, Americans have been promised a border wall, but we have made concessions along the way, including past amnesties, without ever getting the wall completed. It is time for us to get serious about securing the border.