Action Items This Week



This week, though we are still fighting the fear mongering of the mainstream media and the left about coronavirus and reopening, we also need to turn our attention to the very organized effort to delegitimize (and so, destroy) our founding, our founding documents, and America itself.

Tell Republicans to STAND UP for America

1.     Read this article from Tucker Carlson.

2.     Read this article from Rep. Chip Roy.

3.     Read this article from American Mind.
Note: House Freedom Caucus members held a press conference to stand up for America last Thursday, June 25th. If your member was one, make sure to thank them.

4.     Call your Republican officials and tell them to publicly and loudly stand up for law and order and for America.

5.     Email your Republican officials the three articles linked above and urge them to stand up for America.

6.     Email the Republican Party state chair in your state the three articles linked above and tell them to stand up for America.

7.     If you don’t have Republican elected officials, call your Democrat officials and tell them to speak out against the violence and destruction, and that efforts to divide Americans by race in their effort to win elections is shameful and disgusting.

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