There is some huge news this week from our friends at Project Veritas that may affect your political speech and the 2020 election.

Call to Action #1

This morning, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released explosive (but not surprising) evidence from a Google whistleblower that Google Executives are absolutely working to stop the re-election of President Trump, and that they believe they are big enough to do it.

There are three mini-action items we need you to take as a result of this bombshell news:

  • Share Project Veritas’ video as far and wide as you can!
  • Move away from Google products if possible. Here are some alternatives to Google products.
  • Help continue to expose Google by downloading this clip of the Project Veritas video to your computer and posting it directly on your own social media accounts. If you’re on a computer, simply click this link and then click the “Download” button (some phones will also allow you to save the file to upload to social media). Save the video to your computer’s desktop so it is easy to find. Then go to Facebook or Twitter to create a new post and click on the Photo/Video button. A window will pop up to allow you to navigate to your desktop to select the video. Select the video and post it to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ExposeGoogle.You can also include some commentary like, “This is a must watch and frightening video of a Google executive exclaiming the company’s supposed responsibility to prevent President Trump from being re-elected. #ExposeGoogle”

Call to Action #2

Follow Tea Party Patriots and our allies on twitter. Let’s help them get the word out about their activities by re-tweeting them whenever you check in on your Twitter account!

Tea Party Patriots

Project Veritas

Carrie Severino

Bill Pascoe

Jenny Beth Martin

Judicial Crisis Network

Job Creators Network

Call to Action #3

Read Jenny Beth’s op-ed about the secret list of judges that liberals are putting together in the event that a Democrat wins in 2020, and then share the article on Facebook and Twitter. See the posts below to tweet or share directly from this call-to-action.

Simply click to share on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or if you prefer, download the graphic to your computer and upload it to your accounts, making sure to copy and paste the text as well before you post.

Check out @jennybethm’s latest op-ed on #FoxNews on the #liberals secret list of judicial nominees. https://fxn.ws/2KrtRAZ #secretlist #SCOTUS @FoxNewsOpinion

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