Call to Action #1

Organize a Flag Day flag waving event! Flag Day is June 14th, which also happens to be President Trump’s birthday, so wish him a happy birthday if you’d like as well!

Basic Steps for You to Do

  1. Pick the date, time, and location – The date should be Friday, June 14th, in order to flag wave on Flag Day.  Pick a time that works for you, ideally at a time when there is more traffic. Finally, for the location, we recommend a busy intersection/corner, on an overpass, or outside of a business (like a shopping center) or office (like the Post Office) that has a lot of traffic.
  2. Invite likeminded contacts – email, call, or text likeminded people you know and give them the details for your event. Also use social media to spread the word – simply post your event details on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever platform you use. Add the following text to any post you make: #FlagDay.
  3. Enter your event details on our website: tpp.us/createevent – make sure to enter the date, time, and location details so that other people who want to attend can find you!
  4. Make some signs to bring – get some poster board from Walmart, Target, a crafting store, an office supply store, etc.
  5. Take at least one friend and show up! Even if it ends up just being you, or just you and a friend, your public display of opposition to socialism and support for freedom will act as a catalyst for others that agree with you, but just needed to see someone else go first.

We’ve created a one-page quick guide with this information, as well as sign ideas, to help you put together an easy flag waving event.

Simply click the buttons below to share on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or if you prefer, download the graphic to your computer and upload it to your accounts, making sure to copy and paste the text as well before you post.

This Flag Day, celebrate the stars and stripes by hosting a flag-waving event in your community. http://tpp.us/thisweek

Call to Action #2

The Tea Party Goes Back to Washington on September 19, 2019! Please visit TeaParty10.com and sign up to be alerted as soon as registration opens for our anniversary events in Washington, D.C. this September. And, please share the link with likeminded friends that you know would like to celebrate with us!

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