Action Items for this Week – July 24-30


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  1. If you live in a state with a Republican Senator, call your Republican Senator(s) and Mitch McConnell. Every Republican Senator needs to hear from us, and Leader McConnell’s phone lines should be ringing off the hook this week. Use the talking points below for those phone calls. If you live in a state with no Republican Senator, call Senator Mitch McConnell.
  2. Regardless of where you live, use the talking points below to call the White House and ask President Trump to reverse the illegal exemption from ObamaCare that Congress currently enjoys. Congress does not live under the law with the rest of us, and it is past time for Members of Congress to feel the full effects of ObamaCare — maybe that will help them expedite full repeal?
  3. Stay tuned to this page for updated calls to action, should events change in the Senate.

To reach the Senate offices, including Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s office, please call the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121.


For Calls to the Senate:

  • It is time to pass the 2015 repeal bill. We will not have a better chance at getting a repeal bill through Congress than now.
  • Americans continue to suffer under ObamaCare, and we NEED full repeal of the law.
  • Republicans have the majority in the Senate because of their pledge to the American people that they would repeal this law. We are still waiting for them to fulfill their promise.

For Calls to the White House:

  • President Trump needs to end the illegal and unfair exemption from ObamaCare that Congress currently enjoys.
  • Congress passed ObamaCare without taking the time to read exactly what was in the bill. When Members of Congress found out that they would be forced to give up their generous health insurance subsidies, they found an immediate workaround for themselves.
  • Americans want full repeal of the law. We believe that Congress will move much more swiftly to repeal the law if Members of Congress and their staffs have to live under the law and feel the full effects.
  • The congressional exemption from ObamaCare is illegal and unfair. And it is time for President Trump to end it by reversing the Obama OPM directive.
  • Congress has 12,000 employees, and yet is in the Small Business ObamaCare exchange. Congress lied on its applications, falsifying information on government documents, in order to enroll in the wrong ObamaCare exchange. President Trump should un-do this illegal scheme and force Congress to live under the law.

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