Action Items This Week


This week, we have to stop the Democrats from keeping Americans home instead of helping them get back to work, and we need to share President Trump’s Independence Day speech to fight the media’s lies about it. Lastly, keep sharing The Second Opinion Project and the interviews from doctors.

No on Supplemental Unemployment Payments & Yes on a Payroll Tax Suspension

This Wall Street Journal article (which is behind a paywall) by Steve Moore and Casey Mulligan discuss Nancy Pelosi’s desire to extend supplemental unemployment payments and the President’s desire for a payroll tax suspension:

The payroll tax suspension would reward employees for returning to their jobs and working more hours by providing a 7.5% rise in take home-pay immediately on income up to $137,700. (Income over this amount would still be taxed at the usual rate, which is lower.) The suspension of the additional 7.5% tax on employers’ wage and salary costs would encourage small businesses to hire more employees by reducing the cost.

The unemployment-benefit extension would discourage work. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it would pay 5 out of 6 workers more to stay unemployed than to return to their previous jobs. Already employers are having trouble persuading employees to come back.

Here is their summary:

The difference between Mr. Trump’s and Mrs. Pelosi’s approaches is a swing of almost 13 million jobs—more than the entire workforces of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio combined. If the goal of a Phase 4 stimulus plan is to encourage economic growth and put Americans back to work, the wise choice is the payroll tax cut. It isn’t even a close call.

See the action items below to stop Pelosi’s plan and push for the President’s plan.

Call & email your Representative and both of your Senators

It doesn’t matter if your Rep. or your Senators are Republicans or Democrats. The same message goes to all of them.

  • Tell them to vote NO on any effort to extend the supplemental unemployment payments beyond July 31.
  • Tell them to vote YES on a payroll tax suspension for the rest of the year, so that Americans can get back to work and get a raise!
  • Send the Wall Street Journal article to your Representative and your Senators. They all most likely have a subscription and can read the full article. You will probably have to go to their official government websites and use their online contact forms rather than actual email. Here is the link:

Share President Trump’s Independence Day Speech

The media is lying about President Trump’s speech. So, we need to ensure that Americans watch it or read it for themselves, rather than believing the headlines. Share his speech over social media, email it, text it, etc. Send it and share it in as many ways as you can! Just copy and paste the links to share them.

Highlights Video from Independence Day at the White House:

Transcript of President Trump's Remarks on Independence Day (also see below):

Full Video from Independence Day at the White House:

Highlights Video from Mount Rushmore on July 3rd:

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