Call to Action #1

Call your Congressman and Senators today and tell them to vote no on the upcoming spending bill.

Ten years ago, the Tea Party movement burst onto the scene because the American people were fed up with the reckless spending of politicians in Washington. President Obama would oversee the doubling of the national debt accumulated by every single president that came before him going back to George Washington.

In 2011, Congress enacted the Budget Control Act of 2011. That law, while it didn’t live up to the spending levels that we would have liked to see, was credited to the efforts of the Tea Party to hold Washington accountable. It was passed by a Republican House and a Democrat Senate, and signed into law by a Democrat president.

The economy was stagnant and Americans were struggling, so deficit spending was something that would have been more expected from Washington at the time.

But now we live in different times. Our economy is booming, there are more Americans working today than ever before, the unemployment rate is lower than it has been in decades, tax revenues are increased, and less people are dependent on social programs from the government to make ends meet. If there was ever a time to cut spending, reduce deficits, and tackle our nation debt, it is right now!

Call your elected officials and urge them to vote no on the upcoming spending bill. Our country is $22-trillion in debt and climbing. We absolutely do not need to add an additional $326 billion in deficit spending.

Call Script

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling from [YOUR CITY, STATE] to urge [ELECTED OFFICIAL’S NAME] to vote no on the budget-busting Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019. Our country cannot afford higher spending. Do not bust the spending caps from the Budget Control Act of 2011! Thank you.

Call to Action #2

Post the following graphic and text to Twitter and/or Facebook to show your support for President Trump this week. After last week’s over the top attempt by the mainstream media to paint the President as racist, and with Robert Mueller testifying this week before the House Judiciary Committee, President Trump needs your support. The press and the Democrats (same thing) will continue to use unfounded accusations of racism and collusion this week to damage the President.

We stand with President Trump because he stands with US. #IStandWithPresTrump

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